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Friday:) Elvis Has Left the Shelvis

9 Jan

“If Elvis was alive today, he would be 83 years old. He’d be ALL SHOOK UP if he had to sing with a face mask to his HOUND DOG wearing his BLUE SUED SHOES.”

~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


Today is Elvis’ birthday, and he would have been 83 years old. Like most talented performers who died too early, he will be missed. If Elvis was around today, he’d be in the senior category, getting his Covid 19 vaccine and wearing his face mask. In honor of “The King,” Elvis on the Shelvis has left the building… until next Christmas.

Note: Even Elvis is wearing his face mask and social distancing.

In honor of “The King,” I’m wearing my new hat and toasting to Elvis on this crazy Covid Black Russian Friday.

Cheers, Salud…

Sunday Sermon and Some Other Stuff

21 Dec

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

“Sunday is the golden clasp that binds together the volume of the week.”


It was a beautiful Sunday morning. I was walking the dog and couldn’t help but notice how perfectly crystal clear the bright blue sky was. I had to stop in awe of its majesty.

Another morning of watching Mass on TV. Today’s Gospel was the story of the Angel Gabriel appearing to the Virgin Mary to tell her that she would soon become the mother of God and Savior. After a few questions and lengthy conversation with the Angel, she said that she would obey the will of God.

Mary said, ‘You see before you the Lord’s servant, let it happen to me as you have said.’ And the angel left her.

My take on it… people are often called to do things that they think are not humanly possible. It’s Ok to question and worry, but sometimes they need to have faith and carry on as best they can, “Thy will be done…” Easier said than done, right?

It turned out to be sunny and beautiful all day. I love Sundays. I had an AMAZING day. You know why? Yep, you guessed it… because I AM AMAZING! 🤦‍♀️

I walked the dog 4 or 5 times. She loves to walk and I love walking on such a fine day.

Here’s another blast from the past ELVIS ON THE SHELVIS. (That’s my Grand-dog Elvis.)

Saturday:) Serious Procrastination At It’s Finest

20 Dec

“I don’t like to think of it as procrastination as much as last minute motivation.”

Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


This morning I decided that just because I don’t like to send Christmas cards, that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t send some out to my Tias (aunts) and special friends far away. But alas, I don’t like to send store bought cards because I am an artist, after all.

So, at the crack of noon, I went up to my studio/crap room to paint a few more cards. I liked the one I did for one of my time lapse videos a few weeks back. (I’ll attach the link if you missed it.)

I thought I’d start working on a dozen, but then realized half way through that I wanted to send a few out in today’s mail. Probably the last chance to get there before Christmas…maybe. Plus, I had to let them dry before popping in an envelope. Nothing like waiting till the last minute.

I got 8 cards and envelopes done by about 3pm. Most people send out 80 cards, and I sent out 8. If you didn’t get one, SORRY. 8 don’t go a long way.

So, I quickly addressed and stamped the cards, running out to the mailbox. The mail lady usually doesn’t come early. I went to my mailbox…DANG! My mail was already there, but I could see the truck down the street, meaning she already did both sides. Too far to chase her down, I didn’t have a jacket on, but I figured if I ran through the park to the next street, I could put it in a neighbor’s mailbox. Oops, I didn’t know any neighbors on that street, and I didn’t want to get arrested for mail tampering. Then, I ran through the next park, past the splash pad and over to Mr. Mike’s mailbox. His mail box flag was up, so I added my cards to his, then scurried home. Saved! It was cold out. 🤦‍♀️

Yes, procrastination is my middle name. I did manage to get out for an evening walk before the sun was totally down. And, it’s after 8pm and all I’ve eaten all day is a granola bar. I sure can waste away a day and not get much done. Ah, but life is good.

Elvis on the Shelvis wanted to show me a few tunes on the piano. I tinkered a little while, but I need to get serious about learning to play. Maybe another day… said the queen of procrastination.

Friday:) From Here to There

19 Dec

“I sure wish Friday would come around more than once a week. Couldn’t we eliminate one of the less impressive days, like Tuesday or Wednesday and have two Fridays?”

~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


On my morning walk with the dog, I was with a lovely sight. A beautiful white heron or egret or some such beautiful bird was soaring around the pond, dancing on the water, looking all majestic.

On my way home, a cardinal was chirping in Miss Kathy’s tree across the street. He was kind enough to pose for a photo op. Her cat, Mr. Mo was rolling around on the driveway, scratching and taking in a little sun.

Later in the evening, I walked Bella back home to her daddy, who was back from his business trip. It was getting dark, and the granddaughters wanted to FaceTime with Gamma. So, I walked in the dark and showed them some decorated houses on my phone along the way. It’s always so nice to receive those surprise calls.

It was a beautiful Friday and now it’s time for me and Elvis on the Shelvis to enjoy our Black Russian Friday.

Cheers, my friends!

Sunday Sermon and Some Other Stuff

14 Dec

“You can’t escape the thoughts on a rainy day: In the spirit of the gloom there is a talisman that keeps people from having fun and invites them to the world of thoughts!”
― Mehmet Murat ildan


I usually don’t complain about a gloomy, dreary and rainy day, but I will anyway …YUK! Today was cold, damp, and murky all day. Ah, but I was safe and toasty warm inside my beautiful house, no where I had to go, nothing I had to do. (I didn’t even get out for an evening walk. But, there was NO sunset to be seen anywho.”) Life is good.

Another Sunday watching Mass in my pajamas with a cup of hot tea and a cookie.

I watched the Bishop’s Mass at 11 and later, the evening Mass On Facebook at my St. Gabriel. I needed a double dose of Catholic connection on this dreary day.

Today’s Gospel was the story of John the Baptist explaining to the priests and Levites who he was, just preparing the way for the Lord.
“Who are you, so we can give an answer to those who sent us?
What do you have to say for yourself?”
He said:
“I am the voice of one crying out in the desert,
‘make straight the way of the Lord,’”
as Isaiah the prophet said.”
Some Pharisees were also sent.
They asked him,
“Why then do you baptize
if you are not the Christ or Elijah or the Prophet?”
John answered them,
“I baptize with water;
but there is one among you whom you do not recognize,
the one who is coming after me,
whose sandal strap I am not worthy to untie.”
This happened in Bethany across the Jordan,
where John was baptizing.

*************************My take on it… Didn’t we just have this same Gospel the other day? John the Baptist was just the guy paving the way for Jesus, making sure everyone was ready. He didn’t want any special credit, recognition or treatment. We should all be ready and prepared, not seeking fame or fortune. Just be ready as we never know when it will be our last day.


The rest of my day was cozy, with pleasant thoughts and music to keep me warm. Hot tea and yummy cookies always brightens a day. I love my Sundays. Actually, I love every day that ends in DAY.

I got to FaceTime with my little angels. They were running around and excited, showing me their new house and their new rooms.

Now, for another throwback photo of Elvis on the Shelvis…

Saturday:) Stunning Sunsets and a Sentimental Elvis on the Shelvis

13 Dec

“I never tire on my journey when I am greeted each morning with a glorious sunrise and end the day with a stunning sunset.”

~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


I’m sipping a cup of hot green tea, looking at photos, just reminiscing. What impresses me most (besides grand-babies ) is all the awesome sunset photos I have. I live in a beautiful neighborhood with wonderful friends and awesome sites to see.

Through the park, on my way to the pond.
The clouds were hiding the glowing orange sun. for a while.
I walked across the street to where the horses usually graze. They must have been inside watching TV or playing video games. Oh, maybe playing horse shoes in the barn.
The sun was slithering further down the horizon.
Almost gone!
A red-orange ribbon remains. Wouldn’t you love to see that every day? All these photos were taken on the same day, within half an hour, just stunning.

For today, I want to add a throwback Elvis from last year when I was visiting the family in Chicago. In honor of Christmas/Hanukkah…

Elvis on the Shelvis. Merry Chrismukkah, my friends,

Friday :) Fabulous Friends, Elvis on the Shelvis, and Black Russian Friday

12 Dec

Misty Copeland

“Anything is possible when you have the right people there to support you.”


I wanted to send a big shout out and thank you to David and Michel Bernard. I texted Michele the other day and told her I was going to be near her house and wondered if I could pick up a few more jars of their awesome yummy award winning salsa. I was down to my last jar and I wanted to pick up some for gifts for my local fire stations. She told me that she didn’t have any at home, but David was out making deliveries, so he could drop some off at my house. I didn’t want anyone to go out of their way, and I wasn’t sure if I’d be home. I said I’d leave an envelope under the front door mat.

David delivered the boxes. Inside a gift box was a lovely note saying how much they appreciate my always sharing my salsa recipes on Facebook and always supporting our local fire fighters. She said the salsa was a gift along with a beautiful salsa bowl . I have the sweetest most generous friends on the planet,

Thank you David and Michele Bernard.

Today, my Elvis on the Shelvis is sitting on my lap while I enjoy my Friday night Black Russian.

Elvis on the Shelvis and on my lap. CHEERS!!!!

Wednesday:) What’s Cookin’ Miss Toni?

10 Dec

“There’s always something Cookin’ with me, but not always in the kitchen.”

Today was an absolutely gorgeous day in the 70’s. Awesome! I had gone to the store and heard this little voice in my head saying, “Your car is really dirty. You need to go to the car wash.” Or was that someone actually saying that. Mr. Jerry mentioned a few weeks back, when it was going to rain, that maybe I should put my car outside to get it washed. I think he was hinting. I did drive in the rain, but God didn’t do a very good job on the free wash. I’m not a big car or car wash person, so I get my car washed maybe twice a year. I’ve taken the hose to it in the summer if I was watering plants. Dirt doesn’t bother me. It’s rather artist friendly, I can write my name or make a cool design.

Well, I broke down, spent $6 and went through the car wash. I even pulled over to the side where they had the heavy duty vacuums. I was going all out today.

When I went to get the super duper vacuum , there was a lucky penny right on the pavement. See, I got paid to wash and vacuum my car.
Wow! Looks like new.

Now, for what really was Cookin’. I made a vegetarian tostada. I warmed up a flour tortilla in a dry skillet until it got crispy. I added black beans, baby spinach, and pepper jack cheese, then topped with fresh tomatoes and some AWESOME Bernard’s Gourmet Foods Salsa. (There’s another long story about that salsa, but it will have to wait a few days.)

Bernard’s Salsa is the best!!!

Now, let’s see where is… Elvis on the Shelvis today.

Elvis is doing a little light reading today.

Toni’s Tuesday Time-Lapse Video~ Snowy Woods

9 Dec

“These woods are lovely, dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.”
― Robert Frost, Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening


I just love the pressure of trying to come up with an idea to post for my time-lapse Tuesday painting post. (NOT) This was a fun and easy way to paint a few Christmas cards. Plus, it only took me 23 seconds, (Not)

I continue to amaze myself, because “I AM……… AMAZING!”

Now, Elvis on the Shelvis was helping Miss Toni paint her Christmas cards and edit the time-lapse video. Plus, he sang “Blue Christmas” for me while I worked. He’s such a good helper. Just don’t step on his blue suede shoes. He gets a little annoyed.

Elvis on the Shelvis

Montage Monday:) A Week In A Peek and Elvis on the Shelvis

8 Dec

John Evelyn

“Friendship is the golden thread that ties the heart of all the world.”


Thank goodness for photos and phone calls and memories. I’m going to miss birthdays and Christmas with my little girls, and visits with fiends and family.

A Week in a Peek…

Now, where could Elvis be hiding on my Shelvis???

Elvis on the Shelvis is still admiring my hand-painted glassware in my studio, (There are a lot of Shelvis’ in there.)

Happy Monday, my friends.