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Empty Bowls McKinney-2022

13 May

“If you cannot feed a hundred people, then feed just one.”

~Mother Teresa


The Annual Empty Bowls McKinney feeds a lot more than a hundred people. The donations provide funding for Community Lifeline Center and the Community Garden Kitchen. This year’s turnout was amazing. I can’t wait to hear how much money was raised.

From its humble beginnings in the community room at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, the event has exploded into a county wide gala at the McKinney Performance Art enter on the Square.

Bowls, bowls, everywhere bowls. These were just a few of the Event bowls offered. Everyone who purchased a ticket got to pick out a bowl. But, extra bowls could be purchased for $20. A lot of folks were buying four or five extra for gifts. Every $5 provides a meal for someone in need.
Helene, Sid, and I had a lot of fun. The soups and desserts were great and the band was cool!
We ran into a lot of friends and awesome artists.
Jerry and Patricia didn’t win the high bid on my bowl, but they had a good time supporting Empty Bowls.
And the event wouldn’t be complete without a Murphy sighting. ❤️❤️

What an awesome day!

Wednesday:) Where Was Miss Toni? Holy Family School With Helene

12 May

“There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children.” ~Nelson Mandela


Yesterday, Helene and I made our monthly pilgrimage to Holy Family School on the east side of town. The quaint little non-profit preschool has been a Godsend to working parents all around McKinney. With a beautiful Christian based atmosphere, children from babies to pre-schoolers are lovingly cared for.

Helene and I have been gathering up fun snacks and drinks and baby supplies for a few years now. When we see a great sale for the kiddos, we add it to our stash, then we plan a day around once a month to visit and drop off the goodies. Our friends June and Linda went with us last month and have started adding to our contributions.

Holy Family School has become our little family away from home.
The staff is always happy to see us and they truly appreciate our visits.
We had a trunk load of goodies to share with our little friends.

After our drop off, we stepped out back to see how the Community Kitchen and gardens were coming along. It’s so neat that the children get to see the vegetables growing right in their own back yard behind the school.

I bet the kiddos enjoy watering and watching things grow.
The pretty playground overlooks the gardens, providing a fun safe environment for these beautiful children. The little ones were all napping when we arrived, so we didn’t get any kiddie photos this time.
Here’s a cool photo from their Facebook page. Look at those smiles.

After our stop at Holy Family, Helene and I have a tradition of stopping at One and Only Burger for the best fresh French fries in town.

This is one medium order of French fries. That’s enough for two or three hungry people. That’s all we ordered and split it. And, that’s all I ate all day. Yum! So good.
After we rolled out of One and Only Burger, we stopped at “The Purple Store,” that it is known by, but actually the real name is the Samaritan Inn Thrift Store. I’m always on the hunt for a unique glass bowl for next year’s Empty Bowls auction. I didn’t find the perfect one yet, but I did find a bowl for an artist Collectors Club that might work. I’ll keep looking.

And, don’t forget …Tomorrow, Thursday May 12, 6-8 pm, is the Annual Empty Bowls Event on the McKinney Square.

Wow! That first bowl looks really amazing. I wonder who the talented artist is? 🤦‍♀️ 👩🏻‍🎨 The high bid is only at $400. And, it’s a very fun charity event for a very worthy cause. “Feeding the hungry, one bowl at a time.” (More on that tomorrow.)

Happy Wednesday, my friends.

Friday:) From The Cove~Meet the Artists of Empty Bowls

30 Mar

“When artists get together and collaborate, magic happens.”

~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


Friday and Saturday, the community has the opportunity to meet many of the artists and potters who collaborated to create dozens of beautiful hand-crafted bowls that will be auctioned off on May 16.

I was honored to have three bowls featured at the pre-view event. Instead of just standing around and mingling and nibbling, I decided to take my paints, brushes and a few white bowls to paint and demonstrate my signature bluebonnets. I got a chance to chat with other artists, potters, and visitors while I painted.

Alex Macias was home for Spring Break and was at The Cove throwing several beautiful clay bowls.

The large bluebonnet bowl that I under glazed last month was thrown by the talented Steve Macias. Lynne Weinberger’s cute bird and Marybeth Jagger’s hearts and birds were a lovely addition to the display.

If you missed the pre-view today, you still have a chance to visit The Cove Saturday evening, 6:30-9 pm, and meet some very talented artists, sip a little wine, and nibble some snacks. (I took some of my signature brownies, too)

Wednesday:) What’s Happening in McKinney?

24 Jan

“Caring can be learned by all human beings, can be worked into the design of every life, meeting an individual need as well as a pervasive need of society.”

~Mary Catherine Bateson


Last evening, a wonderful group of talented artists met at The HUB, at First United Methodist Church of McKinney. Our objective was to create beautiful underglaze paintings on the already fired bisque-ware bowls thrown and fired by local potters for the upcoming Empty Bowls Event in May.

For those of you not familiar with the Empty Bowls charity event, local potters, artists, painters, students, instructors, and other creative souls decorate, paint, glaze or create unique bowls to be auctioned or chosen with an entry fee ticket. The concept is, these lovingly created bowls will remind us of all the many Empty Bowls of the less fortunate and hungry people in our own community.

When you purchase a ticket, (I believe they are $25) it entitles you to chose one of the hundreds of bowls on display. Then, there are fine artisan bowls in the silent auction, and extra bowls that can be purchased. Also, local restaurants, bakeries, and eateries provide samples of their soups and desserts while you browse and visit with friends and neighbors. You get a beautiful bowl, a wonderful meal, and the knowledge that you helped to feed some hungry folks. A win-win.

Last year, over $75,000 was raised to help provide meals for families in Collin County.

Here are just a few bowls that I chose over the years at Empty Bowls. I’ve gone every year since it started. Some were made by middle and high school students, and others by local artists.

When I walked into the HUB last night, it was like The Who’s Who of the McKinney art world. Of course, most of them are already dear friends from the Art Club, or long-time artist friends.

Everyone was hard at work, creating a masterpiece that will grace the auction tables in May.

I wasn’t sure what I was going to paint when I arrived, so I went to my signature bluebonnets and roses. Keep in mind, these under glazes will be brighter and shiny once they are fired in the kiln. Another huge task that the volunteers undertake.

Our good friends Steve and Minda Macias, Jamie St.Clair, Jennifer Burke, Wayne Batchelder and others, organized and set up this 2-D artist event, and have been busy all year organizing other creative events for Empty Bowls.

You can Google or check out Facebook Empty Bowls McKinney for more info.

Minda commented on Facebook that I was an over achiever because I finished two bowls while others were still struggling to finish their first one. I laughed because I can do these with my eyes closed…and I have demonstrated that on occasion.

I still haven’t painted my artist donation bowl yet, but I’ll keep you posted when I do. It’s all for a great charity and for a great community. We have the greatest, kindest, most generous and talented people you’ll ever come across in your lifetime. I LOVE MCKINNEY!!!

Theme Song Thursday:) Hunger and Thirst

4 May

“Feel what it’s like to truly starve, and I guarantee that you’ll forever think twice before wasting food.”

Criss Jami


Today was the long awaited Empty Bowls McKinney fundraiser at MPAC, the McKinney Performing Art Center. Started and organized by St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in 2012, the event has blossomed into a major community sponsored charitable endeavor. The purpose is to help combat hunger in northern Collin County.

Local artists, art studios, schools, and everyday people took time to make, create or paint special bowls to donate to the project.

Guests who purchased tickets were treated to a vast array of delicious soups and desserts from local vendors. The proceeds will support the Community Lifeline Center food pantry.

I was excited because the bowls that my seniors at Towne Creek painted were on display, and my bluebonnet bowls were in the auction.

There were many gorgeous bowls donated by talented artists for the silent auction.

There were literally hundreds and hundreds of beautiful bowls to chose from, and each admission ticket allowed you to pick out a bowl of your choice, and extra bowls were available to purchase.

There were many well known visitors like Mayor George Fuller and wife, Maylee. And, Angie Bado is squeezed in there. I never pass up a selfie-op.

Police Chief Greg Conley picked a lovely bowl.

Linda Grossman, World’s Greatest Realtor and sweet friend, and I selected beautiful bowls to display in our respective homes. The empty bowls are to remind us of the many people who go hungry every day. But, also to remind us how our community gathers to help those less fortunate. McKinney is really a great town to live in.

The soups were amazing, and my god friend Chef Davis Bernard offered a spicy delicious soup. There were dozens of other wonderful soups to sample. I didn’t even get to half of them.

Always saving the best for last, dessert made by my sweet friends over at Sweet Spot Bakery. Hi Elizabeth and Kathy. Yum! Always fun bumping into good friends.

I’m very proud of our little town. We have so many kind generous people. And let’s face it, no one should go hungry. If every community gathered together to support those less fortunate, the world would be a better place.

I came home and put my bowl on my kitchen table, along with my pretty purple t-shirt that was given to me as a gift, along with a lovely thank you card for my donation. So sweet.

Thankful Thursday:) Thankful That An Empty Bowl Can Be Filled

28 Apr

“An empty stomach is not a good political adviser.” 

― Albert Einstein


This evening, the annual McKinney Empty Bowls event took place on the square at the McKinney Performing Art Center. This is the sixth year, and each year it has expanded and better attended. 

Hundreds of people, comprised of volunteers, sponsors, artists, vendors, and visitors packed the square for a beautiful evening of community support. Proceeds for today’s event will provide support for Community Lifeline Center.

I’ll just show you some pictures, as they will tell the story better than my words. 

I am very thankful to be a part of such a loving community.

 My donation that I created was a featured bowl for the Showcase Collection raffle. I was honored.



Theme Song Thursday:) Help Feed the Hungry

15 Apr

“An empty belly makes a stern taskmaster.~Victor Radcliff” 

― Harry Turtledove


Downtown McKinney was packed this evening with visitors attending the annual Empty Bowls event at MPAC, McKinney Performing Art Center. Hundreds of volunteers, students, and artists created and donated handcrafted bowls and volunteer hours.  Local restaurants, bakeries, breweries and wineries donated the soups, sweets, and beverages, but more importantly, their time to help raise funds to feed the hungry in our community. Profits would directly benefit hunger inititiatives at Community Lifeline Center. 

The purchase of your ticket allowed you to choose from the hundreds of handcrafted bowls, a reminder of the many people who go hungry every day, who have empty bowls. Then, samples of delicious soups and sweets were offered at various stations scattered around the building. There was also a silent auction for many fabulous museum quality fine art bowls crafted by local artisans.

A few of the auction bowls. Oh my, what a beautiful hand-painted glass rose bowl right in the front. I wonder who could have painted that one? (Moi)

 Amazing! There was some heated bidding at the end. 

My friends from Sweet Spot Bakery provided around 800 brownie bites and gooey butter cake bites. Miss Kathy couldn’t put the delicious bites out fast enough. I helped out a little while, mostly by sampling for quality assurance. 

My friends Michele and David Bernard provided a yummy gourmet Chipoltle Corn soup.There were dozens of other great soups to sample. 

The beautiful weather allowed the bowls to be set up and displayed out on the front lawns of MPAC. 

These little girls liked the bowls painted by my senior art friends at Towne Creek. 

I caught Donna Loughmiller, the mayor’s  wife, off guard for a quick photo.Beuatiful bowl. 

They even gave me a free t-shirt. I must be very special.