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Theme Song Thursday: One Less Bell to Answer

6 Dec

A bell’s not a bell ’til you ring it, A song’s not a song ’til you sing it, Love in your heart wasn’t put there to stay, love isn’t love ’til you give it away!
Oscar Hammerstein II

Forty-three years ago today, December 5th, 1970, I went on a blind date. It was magical and special. The Fifth Dimension was very popular in the 70’s and “One Less Bell to Answer” was my favorite song. That first Christmas together, he gave me that debut “Portait” album featuring the song. Four years later, he proposed on December 5th and we married the next year. Sounds very romantic? Not really. Now, forty-three years later it all comes full-circle. The words ring true, the song says it all. I think I still have that album in a box somewhere. If I ever find it, it’s going in the trash. Today is December 5th.


One less bell to answer
One less egg to fry
One less man to pick up after
I should be happy

But all I do is cry
(Cry, cry, no more laughter)
Oh, I should be happy
(Oh, why did he go?)
I only know that since he left my life’s so empty
Though I try to forget it just can’t be done
Each time the doorbell rings I still run
(I still run)

I don’t know how in the world
To stop thinking of him
‘Cause I still love him so
(Love him so)
I spend each day the way I start out
Crying my heart out

Oh, one less man to pick up after
No more laughter, no more love
Since he went away, he went away
(He went away)
(One less bell to answer)
Why did he leave me
(Why, why, why did he leave?)

(One less bell to answer)
Now I’ve got one less egg to fry
One less egg to fry
(Why, why, why did he leave?)
And all I do is cry
(One less bell to answer)
Because a man told me goodbye
(Why, why, why did he leave?)

(One less bell to answer)
Somebody tell me please
Where did he go, why did he go?
(Why, why, why did he leave?)
Tell me how could he leave me


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