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Friday:) From a Frigid Walk to Warm Friendly Folks and Firemen

8 Jan

“To quote my three year old granddaughter, ‘Sharing is caring.’ “

Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


We got zapped with another cold front here in North Texas. The bad news is, it’s not very comfortable walking out there. The good news is, it was another chance to wear my awesome sock monkey hat.

Happy Friday!

Another fun way to keep warm is to bake a bunch of brownies.
Tuesday, when I went to vote at Fire Station 9, I had brought a big bag of snacks for my firemen friends. The folks working the polls were kidding around and said, “Oh, did you bring us lunch?” I told them, “Well, I’ll have to stop by with some brownies one day.” Today was the day.

My friendly firefighterS were all out on a call today, so the kind election officials said they would give them their brownies when they got back.

Firefighter Baas was there Tuesday when I stopped by with my good luck New Year snacks.

Nothin’ says Thank You and Happy New Year in Texas like Dr Pepper, chips, salsa, and my homemade black eyed pea/corn salsa.

Like I said, to quote a wise three year old, “Sharing is caring.”

Happy Friday, my friends. Stay warm.