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Good Friday:) Firsts and Seconds

26 Mar

“First opportunity is the golden opportunity.” 
― Amit Kalantri


Good Friday is a solemn day for Christains, but also a good day to reflect on our blessings and realize that the small discomforts and suffering that we might endure, cannot compare to that ultimate sacrifice on the cross.

I had a few firsts today. Even though my tooth pain isn’t quite all gone, I decided to just bite the proverbial bullet, and go about my day as usual. I went for a long early morning walk, which is part of my normal routine. Then, as I was walking, I thought, gee, I haven’t been to Good Friday services or Stations of the Cross since I was in grammar school at Blessed Agnes way back in the 60’s.

When I got home, I fixed a big spinach salad. A first, because I’ve been living on smoothies, shakes, ice cream and yogurt. Ah, solid food! I still have to chew on the right side only, with an occasional twinge, but worth it.

It was so good!

 So, my other first for today was going over to St. Gabriel’s at 2:30 for solemn services and Stations of the Cross. It was cool, but sunny outside. As I sat in church, the skylight above me bathed my face in warm sunlight. It felt very comforting. Almost like God was pointing a flashlight down at me saying, “Ah, there you are…where have you been?”

After church, I stopped at the store, then came home and went for a second walk. A good time to think and reflect. For dinner, I made a second spinach salad. Maybe tonight I’ll have my first Black Russian in a couple of weeks. Life is good!

I plan to savor all my firsts and indulge in all my seconds.

Friday Firsts and Maybe Some Seconds

9 Aug

“Firsts are best because they are beginnings”
― Jenny Han, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before
There are many “firsts” in our lives, first word, first steps, first love, first heartbreak, etc. Today, I have a funny first to share. As some of you may know, I’ve been keeping busy with my chaotic and often stressful life, but I always find time to walk, go to Zumba, and have time for friends. Stress and heartbreak have been the main reasons for my dramatic weight loss this past year, but now that I’ve lost over fifty pounds, it does have it’s merits.

A few friends have mentioned that my jeans were starting to look baggy, and they asked, “Are you losing more weight?” I really haven’t been trying to, but I’ll lose a couple and gain a couple. My daily walks are more to clear my head and give me that energy boost that exercise can give. Plus, often I get to walk with a neighbor or two, which is a fun social bonus. So, today when I went shopping, I decided to try on a pair of jeans in a smaller size.

I’ve ALWAYS been a big girl, pretty much all my life, so when I actually started wearing size 10 jeans, I thought I’d died and went to Weight Watcher’s Heaven. But then, the 10’s were getting baggy. OH MY GOLLY GOSH! Do I dare try on an 8? Impossible! Never in my wildest dreams! Well, I grabbed a pair of size 8 jeans, tried them on and low and behold, they fit. THIS WAS A FIRST! Unbelievable!

I decided that even if those jeans only fit me for a day or even those five minutes in the dressing room, I’m buying them, and document this amazing first in my life.

“Firsts are best because they are beginnings.”