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Friday Friends and Refreshments 

3 Oct

To sit in the shade on a fine day, and look upon verdure is the most perfect refreshment.– Jane Austen


(I’ll have to admit, I had to look up the word verdure. I should have known that, from “verde.”  Green stuff or vegetation. Duh !)

And what a fine day it was. Kickboxing at 8:30 am, the bank , grocery store to get a birthday cake and flowers for Miss Bonnie. A long walk with Lynne, make a quick salad, off to Towne Creek art group 2:30-6, and take another walk before dark. I’m exhausted just typing all this much less doing it. 

Miss Bonnie was so happy ghat we celebrated her birthday. We had cake , ice cream, and root beer floats. We did a little art work later.  

 Miss Kathy had fun too. 

Then to make the perfect ending to a lovely busy day, my good friend Sherri called and said,  “Can I stop by for a Friday  night Black Russian?” Yay! I don’t like drinking alone. We chatted, looked at wedding pictures and giggled like school girls. Fun!


Even better if surrounded by chocolate ice cream. 

Friday Night Light…of the Silvery Moon

26 Sep

It’s always difficult to keep Fridays confined within themselves..they tend to spill over..~Kai Sinclair


Fridays not only spill over, they get jumbled tumbled and all mixed up with all the other days. 

Traditions and rituals are important. When the boys were little, we had a Friday night tradition of having pizza and watching the TV show “Dallas” and marching around the area rug in the family room to the opening theme song. Do you remember that song? 

Now, the boys are grown and gone. “Dallas” is gone. The lying cheating husband is gone. No more pizza tradition. I have my own ritual. Black Russian Friday!  Kahlua, vodka, and chocolate ice cream. It’s not the same, it’s not as special, but it’s mine. 

Oh yes , I’m doggie sitting this weekend for a friend, so I have some company tonight. 

Friday night lights and a cloudy moon. 

Evening sky by the pond. 

Friday Fulminations

31 Aug

For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone.
Audrey Hepburn
Sorry Ms. Hepburn. It’s Friday night, I’ve had a couple drinks and I ain’t got nothin’ nice to say! Well, except for this. ..Thank goodness I have the greatest friends in the world, the greatest sons, wonderful sisters and the best mother that God has ever created. Bless you all for keeping me sane and getting me through the hurdles. Love ya! To hell with the ones who caused the fulmination!

For those not familiar with FULMINATION…it’s a great word. Throw it in your vocab directory.
an expression of vehement protest.
“the fulminations of media moralists”
synonyms: protest, objection, complaint, rant, tirade, diatribe, harangue, invective, railing, obloquy; denunciation, condemnation, criticism, censure, attack, broadside, brickbats; formalexcoriation; literaryphilippic
“the fulminations of media moralists”
a violent explosion or a flash like lightning.
synonyms: protest, objection, complaint, rant, tirade, diatribe, harangue, invective, railing, obloquy; More

Yeah, I don’t have one of those either.

Sorry, Ms. Hepburn!

Saturday: On the Square…Be There or Be Square

24 Aug

I grew up in this town, my poetry was born between the hill and the river, it took its voice from the rain, and like the timber, it steeped itself in the forests.
Pablo Neruda

Now, that is an inspirational quote! Sometimes the town you live in can make you or break you. McKinney, especially the atmosphere and vibe of the Square, with its quaint buildings and charming people, is a place to make you complete.

After a rowdy rollicking Friday night on the Square with the gals, Saturday morning brought me back to our writing group and more downtown McKinney adventures. Here are some highlights of Friday night. (A bunch of gals out on the town is a lot more tame than your imaginations might assume, but feel free to simulate.)

Thanks, Woody, for the tour of the town. A little too fast, but exciting.


Saturday morning brought us back to the Square and our writing group. Cathy and Elizabeth are baking away at SWEET SPOT, and the place is all dolled up with a new look and attitude and awesome tempting treats.They even offered to display some of my artwork. Ran into Tommy, the wandering troubadour and he asked me to sign his new guitar, Mariah. Nice folks.


Then, a walk down the street over to SNUG. The talented 15 year old, Dori Grace was playing her guitar and belting out some tunes.


Always something to do, new people to meet, and old friends to frolic with. Yes, we always frolic.