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Friday: Fun and Frivolous Stuff

12 Jun

It is easy to be solemn, it is so hard to be frivolous.G.K. Chesterton


Really? Not for me. My middle name is frivolous, or was that procrastination? I have a double middle name…Toni Frivolous-Procrastination. It’s not on my birth certificate, but should be. 

So, the other day I made a batch of brownies for Mom and her lady friends to celebrate her  88th  birthday. Of course, if you known me for any amount of time , you know I have to make a funny face with the brownie mix before I stir and bake. I looked around Mom’s place for some brownie props. Hmmm? A red hat from her Red Hat Society and some apple slices for lips. 

Yes, I’m goofy and see faces in the brownies. Better than seeing  “dead people,” I guess.  ( Movie reference )


  After the brownies were made and cut up , we went downstairs and Mom gave each of her girlfriends a long stem rose from the dozen I had given her. Mom likes to share too. Sharing frivolity is contagious. 

See! It’s easy to be frivolous!