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Friday:) Funny Faces in Funny Places

12 Aug

You use a glass mirror to see your face; you use works of art to see your soul.

~George Bernard Shaw*********************

You would not believe the funny faces that I see sometimes. Well, yes you would. You guys know how crazy I am. Sometimes when I’m out walking, I’ll see an irrigation cover or some utility thing and say, “Wow, I see a face.” But then I get carried away and add a few props. Usually something nearby.

Here’s the latest.

This guy had a cigarette.

Look how cute I am! So serious.

Very simple, low maintenance, no makeup, just the real me.

I’m an elderly gentleman with a mustache,

Friday:) Firsts and Seconds and Pepperoni Faces

17 Jun

“Whenever a thing is done for the first time, it releases a little demon.”

~ Emily Dickinson


In the past few years, I’ve had a lot of firsts in my life, some some good, some bad, some happy some sad. I remember on July 10th, 2014, I checked into the hotel for my son’s wedding rehearsal and wedding the next day. It hit me like a ton of bricks. I was 60 years old, and had never checked into a hotel by myself. I’d never stayed alone in a hotel. It was the beginning of many FIRSTS. Oh yes, first divorce and it will be the last.

Since then, I’ve been to the movies alone, have gone to restaurants and parties alone, driven hundreds of miles, and many other things that some people do without thinking. I’ve always been such a scaredy cat, but now I’m turning into Wonder Woman. (Just a little movie plug.)

Today, I rented a car for the first time. Can you believe that I’ve never done that? It was empowering, and I’ll admit, a little scary. Mostly because I’m directionally challenged and a pretty lousy driver. But, thanks to the iPhone and navigation systems, I’m a new liberated woman. 

I actually took a picture of the car and license in case I park it somewhere and forget what the car looks like. Challenged people take extra precautions.

So, that was a first, and now for the seconds. I’m in Chicago, and one cannot go Chicago without having some deep dish pizza. My son, Matt, picked up the pizza, and we sat on his rooftop deck, overlooking the magnificent skyline in the distance. We ate pizza, enjoyed the view, and I had seconds. Two pieces of pizza,

Oh, it never fails. I always seem to see funny faces in my food. Here is Mr. Pepperoni Face. 

I bit off his chin before I noticed his face.

Firsts, Seconds and Mr. Pepperoni.

Friday:) Funny Faces in Funny Places

29 Apr

I like to be silly, both by day and by night.

If being silly is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


Most of you already know that I see faces in the brownie mix, but I see faces everywhere. They are always silly faces. I see funny faces in funny places. I hope I never lose my sense of humor and weird imagination. Friday night Black Russians always helps.

I saw a cute grey fox on this tree bark. No, it didn’t bark at me, but it did speak to me, visually.

This was the chocolate cake mix for Easter Peep cupcakes. Kinda scary, but they were yummy.

This is an oldie but a goodie. Halloween pirate face on the brownie mix. Yes, sometimes I use costumes and props.

Friday:) Funny Faces In Funny Places

18 Feb

“Art is the child of nature in whom we trace the features of the mothers face.” ― Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


A picture is worth a thousand silly words.

I see faces in the strangest places!

Friday:) Funny Faces and Family Forever

11 Jun

The face is a picture of the mind with the eyes as its interpreter.” ― Marcus Tullius Cicero

I hope I never get too old to make funny faces in silly places with friends and family. I don’t know what we did before the selfie…I have NO SELFIE CONTROL. I’m a firm believer that laughter is the best medicine and being silly keeps us young. I learned that from my mom, the queen of silly.

I tried to take a selfie with Mom, and she said “No more selfies!” So, I took a picture of her trying to stop my silliness.

It’s Friday night folks! Time for funny faces and Black Russians..

Happy Friday!

Tuesday:) Today’s Funny Face

3 Feb

“I see funny faces in the strangest places. Especially in the mirror.”

~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


“The face is a picture of the mind with the eyes as its interpreter.” ― Marcus Tullius Cicero


I started off the day with a lively Zumba class at the YMCA. I was pretty sore from yesterday’s kickboxing class, and I was up late last night finishing up a calligraphy project. But, once I hit the floor and heard the energizing songs, weary muscles and only five hours of sleep just melted into the music.

Later in the afternoon, I went for a long walk with my neighbor, Diane. She said she had a pot roast cooking and the house smelled so good. I pretend-looked at my watch that I wasn’t wearing and said, “I’ll be by around 7.” I joke like that with everyone, but she invited me to come over for dinner at 7. Pot roast? Who says no to pot roast? Not me.

I don’t like to go anywhere empty handed, so I came home and made a batch of brownies. If you know me, and some of you do, I usually make a funny face with the brownie mix before I stir and bake. It’s a long-lived personal tradition and weird obsession that I have. “I see faces in the strangest places.”


 Now, isn’t that funny? Oops! Almost 7. On my way for dinner.

Wednesday:) What Do You See? I SEE FACES!

21 Jan

If you always walk with a smile on your face, you will always see a face with a smile wherever you go.

~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis



I’ve been known to see faces in the strangest places. I see faces in the clouds, very typical, but I also see faces in my brownie mix, not so typical. I see faces in oil spots on the street, weird, and today I saw faces on the plastic water reclamation receptacles. Crazy! Some fallen leaves and sprigs had fallen on top of the circles, and with a little arranging, they came alive with a smile.

Now, you see those cute faces too, don’t you? I see you smiling!

Wednesday:) What In The World? …Day 11 “Pay It Forward”

24 Dec

“Because it proves that you don’t need much to change the entire world for the better. You can start with the most ordinary ingredients. You can start with the world you’ve got.” 
― Catherine Ryan Hyde, Pay It Forward


Today begins my cookie baking extravaganza! I love to bake cookies at Christmas time. I don’t bake a couple of dozen cookies, I bake a couple of hundred! I’m trying out an experiment with a lemon cake mix, bake it, smoosh it up and add a can of lemon frosting, then roll into little cake balls and dip in white chocolate. Well, I made one cake mix,  and it was too mushy, so I baked another box of lemon cake. Let’s see if that works? I’ll keep you posted. 

Of course, I had to make a funny face with the mix. I’ve never used lemon before….


Day 11:) 12 Days of Christmas “Pay It Forward” or Random Acts of Kindness

My neighbor, Kathy, asked if I would paint some wine glasses for her Christmas dinner she was hosting with her family and friends. She purchased some fairly expensive glasses at Crate and Barrel, which made me a little nervous. So, I practiced on some inexpensive glasses I had at home and she loved the example. Plus, the colors, white and silver, matched her grandmother’s fine china. She also requested their names be written on the base, and that would be their place setting and gift. I worked all night and finished around 1:30 a.m. Then, I got up around 8 a.m. To bake them in the oven to heat set them.

The before…a little nervous…here we go!

The after…turned out great…I was pleased, as was Kathy. I saw her decorating outside  her house in the afternoon and told her they were ready. We each carefully took a box with six glasses each across the street to her house. She was so excited and was showing me her new table linens, decorations, etc.  Then came the big question, and out came the check book. 

I told her about my “Pay it forward” challenge and random acts of kindness, and asked her to simply pay it forward. Well, she was shocked and I got another big hug. I sure do get a lot of big hugs, don’t I? 

I know, I’m not a great photographer. She really had a big smile before the posing part. It felt good to know that I painted something lovely for a friend, and that her guests would receive a beautiful hand-painted wine glass. They are all strangers, except for Kathy. She’s going to take pictures of her table setting at Christmas so I can see how pretty everything looked. 

Luckily there’s only one more day left of pay it forward. I’m getting pretty tired staying up late and working on projects. The funny part is, I do these types of things all the time. I just never challenged anyone else to do the same.

Tomorrow is the final day, and my son Matt is flying in to spend Christmas with me. I’m so excited. I’m going to bake his favorite cookies, either tonight or tomorrow. Another late night!

Saturday Smiles and Funny Faces

12 Sep

“I enjoy it when the world smiles; the more smiles, the warmer I am.” ― Dejan Stojanovic, The Shape


I love it when people smile, but I see smiles in just about everything. Some of you are already familiar with my brownie mix smiles. 

In honor of 9/11.

Then I see faces in my breakfast. 

Lately, when I’m out walking or running, I see smiling faces in the oil spots on the street.  

Just weird, right? It’s a gift, it’s a curse. 

Keep smiling!!!!

Tuesday: Tips and Tunes

11 Mar

“How cruelly sweet are the echoes that start, when memory plays an old tune on the heart!”
― Eliza Cook
OK! I made my brownies this morning and wasn’t going to make a funny face. What? I was in a hurry after Zumba, and still wanted to come up with an idea for my Tea and Tunes gathering, and pack up all that stuff before noon. Well, I grabbed a cowboy hat and some western paraphernalia. VOILA! Funny Face Brownie Mix!

Remember my tip? Always play with your food!

Then, off to Sweet Spot Bakery. Miss Kay played a few fun tunes on her ukulele. It’s Spring break here, so there were kids all around, and they enjoyed singing along.

Kay Griffith’s magical melodies.


Me and Margie

Had a fun day so far. I’m going to McKinney Creative Community tonight with afore mentioned brownies.(Baked of course.) Another busy day in McKinney.