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Friday:) Finding True Treasures

22 Apr

For where thy treasure is, there also will thy heart be.” ― Anonymous, Holy Bible: King James Version


That’s an interesting quote. You need to contemplate on the meaning a while. If you treasure or value only expensive and monetary things, that is where your heart is. Selfish, greedy, heartless and cold. If you can find treasure in a new fallen snow, a warm summer day, a visit with an old friend, a mother’s touch, or a child’s laugh, then that is true treasure.

Our neighborhood was having a spring community garage sale. On my morning walk, I stopped at several sales, more to chat than to shop. But, I did find a few treasures.

My first stop was the best. I small box with old Golden Books. I commented to the older gentleman seated in the lawn chair that I loved old books. When I looked inside, each book was sign to Eddie. One said “from Momma and Daddy,” and I smiled. His daughter came out,mand I started to talk to her. I showed her the book, and she said, “That’s Eddie over here in the chair.” Eddie told me how he loved reading those books as a child. I told Mr. Eddie that they were going to a good home and I would treasure them, too. 

 Here are the other treasure that I found today.
I spent a total of $6 on all these treasure. Worth a million dollars to me. 

Saturday: Sales, Sights and Other Silly Stuff

21 Sep

If you see me smiling it’s because I’m thinking of doing something evil or naughty. If you see me laughing it’s because I’ve already done it.
-Unknown…but I think we’ve all been there.
I got up early to check out the big semi-annual Stonebridge /McKinney Ladies Association Fall garage sale. It started at 7am at the United Methodist Church. It’s a big one with great bargains

I found some treasures, but I was on the lookout for a small chest of white drawers or two for closet storage. I also wanted a small wine rack. I have about 10 bottles of wine. I don’t drink wine, but I have been given some lovely wine and I have friends who like wine.

Now, here’s the dilemma. I found this great bargain.

It was ONLY $5. Yep, couldn’t pass it up. But, it holds 70 bottles of wine, and I only have 10. Now, I have to get. 60 more bottles of wine! ( Just being silly.) I’ll probably just have some friends over to drink the 10 bottles, then I can use the rack in my craft room.

I bumped into some friends. Miss Kay and her lovely daughter.

IMG_6971.JPG. Then Molly and Jill wandered by. I saw Bob and Sheila Johnson volunteering as greeters. But my favorite photo op was the adorable Sherri Murphy.

It was a fun busy day, but I had to get back home by 4 to wait for the AT&T guy to fix my internet and Uverse TV.
He came, “He no fix, me be mad!” So, here I am AGAIN on my teeny tiny iPhone, trying to post this. No TV! Let’s see what tomorrow brings. It’s difficult to be silly without internet.


Sentimental Saturday

20 Oct

Day two and final day of the big garage sale. It was pretty chilly in the morning. Thank goodness I had a bin load of knit caps and gloves at my disposal. Miss Sherry saved the day again by coming to help work and remaining till the end for pack-up and clean-up. She is the energizer bunny on steroids. We kept discovering bags and boxes that had been hidden in the chaos, only to find more treasures that couldn’t be parted with. There was a bag of stuffed animals, toys and memorabilia in the mix that found its way back to my car. My mom had sewn a hand-made cabbage patch doll for Joe when he was a baby. Then, there were the Simpsons, Alvin and the Chipmunks, and Speedy Gonzales. Keepers!

Another bag revealed the hand-stitched baby quilt that Mom made for my baby shower over thirty-two years ago. Back in the car. But, my baby cradle found a very good home with a new grandma, saving me a trip back to my vehicle at the end of the day.

The point of the garage sale wasn’t just to make a little cash from the many treasures accumulated over thirty-eight years, but also to find a good home and a happy place. Our friend, Tom Michero, otherwise known as Bagger Vance (today only), was pleased to walk away with a complete set of woman’s golf clubs for his lovely wife, Silky, and a few extra clubs and bag for his own collection. Yes, a good, happy home!

Now, put my feet up with a nice cup of hot tea after another long day. The end.


Freelance Friday

19 Oct

Day one of the big garage sale. We didn’t do a lot of advertising, just Facebook, friends, word of mouth and a few signs. We had a pretty nice turnout. Ed and Melanie were amazing to offer to host it at their home. Miss Sherry worked her little butt off helping all day.( Yes, she is a little bitty thing and has a little butt.) Hundreds of items and treasures found their way to new homes, but many more treasures available for tomorrow. It was a lot of work, but good work. We hauled so many things from my house to Melanie’s, and many unopened boxes and bags from previous moves were transported. While Sherry helped me open boxes and display items, a few precious items found their way back into my car. I found Joe’s Cabbage patch doll from the 80’s and a beautiful cross stitch gift from Vivian. Some things must be saved. NOW, the funniest thing was, my good friend Michele came and found a huge pile of great bargains… unfortunately, one of the items was a lovely journal that she had given me as a gift for Christmas just a couple years ago. I felt terrible. I said, “Oh no, let me save that!” She said, “That’s OK, I’ll just buy it and re-gift it.” Now, that’s a new twist on re-gifting! Buy your gift back at a garage sale and give it to someone else!

Embarrassing moment! Michele’s sad face.

It was a long day, but a fun day. It started to sprinkle around 2 pm, so we closed up early. I stopped at Dairy Queen and had nutritious lunch before going to my volunteer group with the seniors at Towne Creek.

Yes, nutritious. Ice cream and whipped cream…dairy. Hot fudge…chocolate comes from the cocoa bean…beans are legumes. The cherry on top is a fruit. All very good for you. NOT!!!!

After Towne Creek, Karen and I had pizza at the new Mellow Mushroom Pizza Place in McKinney. It was very good. More nutritious food.


When I got home, I called my sister, Jo, who said I was rambling and hyper and she recommended that a I have a drink, put my feet up and relax. Well, I am an obedient sister, so I fixed my famous Black Russian with chocolate ice cream. I did add some chocolate almond milk to the concoction of Kahlua and vodka. More healthy choices. Wow! I made some very excellent food and drink choices today, didn’t I? Tomorrow is another day, Scarlet!


Saturday Garage Sale Safari: Confessions of a “Crapaholic”

5 May

This morning was the big McKinney Ladies Association Spring Garage Sale. This is a huge event, and marked with a big red X on my calendar. Sellers and buyers come from miles around. The vendors come in U-Hauls with everything from large dining room sets to the kids old Star Wars action figures. The sale starts at 7am, but savvy shoppers and bargain hunters get there at dawn’s early light. The gigantic parking lot of the Stonebridge United Methodist Church is always packed.

I’m a garage sale enthusiast, but I didn’t get there till 7:30. There were still plenty of bargains. Being a devout “Crapaholic,” I wasn’t looking for strollers and baby clothes. I was on the hunt for glass vases to paint, picture frames for art work, craft supplies, and bizarre trinkets. Plus, I always have fun bumping into friends and neighbors.

Here are some of my couldn’t pass up bargains.

How could I pass up a giant gold Japanese fan for only $5? How much? I think I even bargained down to $4. Oh, not shown in the photo is a $10 walker. Yes, one of the old people medical type walkers. I’d been looking for a light weight walker for one of my senior lady friends. Then, I scooped up some great glass vases to paint, a couple wooden crosses and a box of little paper umbrellas. You never know when you might need 72 tiny paper umbrellas.

Thank goodness my husband was out playing golf so I could sneak in the house with my bargains, (that I probably will never use or remember where I hid them) and take a quick photo before hiding everything up in my “crap room.”

I just love a bargain and a great garage sale, don’t you? I’d love to hear what your greatest garage sale bargain was.