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Tuesday:Toni, Helene and Linda Visit Holy Family School

30 Nov

“When you’re in a position to have gotten so much, the gift at this point is giving back.”

Paul Stanley


Instead of our traditional $2 Taco Tuesday, Helene and I gathered up our stash of snacks and goodies that we’ve been collecting all month for Holy Family School. Linda joined us for our visit. We go about once a month or to share our “giving back” gifts for the kiddos. Then, we treat ourselves to the best French fries in the great state of Texas over at One and Only Burger, just down the road from the school.

Linda, Helene, Miss Sondra, and yours truly. Miss Sondra always gives us a big hug and thank you for our thoughtfulness.
I had a lot of cereal , juice, and other goodies to donate.
Helene had a lot of snacks, cereal, and 8 pounds of bananas.

After our drop off, chatting, and hugs, we went over to One and Only Burger. Woa! So good.

It was a very rewarding day. The weather was sunny and in the upper 70’s. I think this was the last beautiful warm day for a long time. I’m glad we got out to enjoy it,

Wednesday:) When You Give Back, You Take Away More

18 Sep

“I believe that we all have a responsibility to give back. No one becomes successful without lots of hard work, support from others, and a little luck. Giving back creates a virtuous cycle that makes everyone more successful.”

~Ron Conway


Last Thursday, my friend Joyce Martin, invited me to the 2019 Scholarship Awards Ceremony and dinner at the Plano Event Center. Joyce sponsored two nursing students with a scholarship in honor of her late husband. She said that when her husband was very ill, she was so impressed with the nurses and doctors who attended his needs, that she wanted to give back by helping some young people going into this very compassionate, costly, and complex field. Her husband became very attached to one of the male nurses who assisted him in his darkest hours, so she sponsors one male and one female nursing student.

There were dozens of corporate, business, and individual donors offering financial assistance to these students, and the recipients greatly appreciated the fact that total strangers were investing in their education. How wonderful is that?

As the quote said, “Giving back creates a virtual cycle that makes everyone more successful.”

Thanks to the generosity of individual, corporate, foundation, alumni donors and many more, the Collin College Foundation is able to offer scholarships to outstanding students right here in our community.   The foundation awards annual scholarships of $500 – $3,000 to upwards of 700 students each year!  

Wednesday:) When You Have A Little, Share A Little

6 Jun

“Those who have much are often greedy; those who have little often share.”

― Oscar Wilde, De Profundis


In my many decades on this planet, I have found that often the people who have the least are the most generous. A good example is my good friends over at Towne Creek Senior Apartments. They are some of the most generous people I know, and they live on very limited incomes.

The residents spent several hours this morning putting together special hygiene kits for the StreetsideShowers that provides a safe clean place for the homeless take a shower.

The residents, staff, friends and family donated sample size products and cash to purchase the much needed supplies. Lance Oliniski, is going to visit the residents on June 10th to talk to the group and show them the mobile unit.

The residents, led by Christy Sadler, Service Coordinator at Towne Creek, gathered and purchased enough supplies to put together around 100 Hygiene Bags. Christy said, “I originally was thinking that we might be able to put together about 30 bags. But, we have enough for over 100.”

The lovely seniors are planning to do this again in the Fall. So, if you want to start saving up your sample size hygiene products or donate some products or cash, you can contact me, Christy Sadler at Towne Creek, or directly to StreetsidShowers. It’s a good thing.

Volunteer McKinney is proud to recognize those who give back to the community by highlighting them through Humans of Volunteer McKinney.

Meet Lance A. Olinski, Founder of Streetside Showers:

I have always had a heart for people that the world pushes aside, but it wasn’t until a couple of years ago when I realized how lacking some basic needs are in the homeless community.

One day, I saw a man in a public bathroom in McKinney desperately trying to bathe himself in the sink. My heart went out to this man, thus beginning Streetside Showers.

I began our nonprofit organization in June 2017. Our mission is simple. We strive to offer hope and restore dignity through the form of a hot shower and hygiene supplies to those who need it most.

Since the start of Streetside Showers we have been able to provide over 4,200 showers in North Texas. I have spent countless hours serving our homeless community, and nothing beats the smile on their faces when they are finished taking a hot shower. Streetside Showers is honored to provide basic care to those in need on a daily basis!

This quote by Bill Wilson pretty much sums up my life, “The purest form of love in this world is demonstrated by a person who loves somebody who can give absolutely nothing in return.”

Lance A. Olinski

Founder, Streetside Showers