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Saturday:) Some More Gamma Highlights With Her Girls

8 Dec

“Becoming a grandmother is wonderful. One moment you’re just a mother. The next you are all-wise and prehistoric.”

~ Pam Brown


I love this quote. I’m feeling pretty prehistoric. The nice thing about being a grandma is I get to use the “I’M OLD” card. I just put Belle to bed. She just turned three a couple of days ago, and she can be pretty feisty, stubborn, manipulative, hysterical, and downright adorable all in the same breath. Her little sister just started crawling and sitting up, so she doesn’t have much to say, except cute gurgling noises and “da da da.”

Here are some highlights of our busy day…

We all went to Belle’s ballet class this morning.

Feeding the little one small pieces of bread after her dinner. “Line them up, Gamma, and be snappy about it.”

“Let’s read a book. Give me five.”

“I’m getting sleepy. Where’s that bottle you promised me? Stop with the selfies already, Gamma!”

Mommy and Daddy went to the Chris Issac concert tonight, so I was on Gamma duty. They very rarely get a chance to have a real live date night. They only called and texted me to check on things three or four times.

Belle moved the little mouse on her Advent calendar to Dec. 7, and opened up her book for today. I saw on Facebook the idea of a book for each day of Advent instead of chocolate or a little toy or coins. So, I sent wrapped books, coloring books, or little activity sets for each day. This Advent calendar was the one my boys had when they were little. It’s over thirty years old. I sent it to Joe for his children a couple of years ago. Nice tradition.

After the little one went to sleep, Belle and I read some books and had some serious conversations about life events, monsters, making brownies, and where the dirty clothes should go. She said we needed to be quiet because Uncle Matt was taking a nap and Elvis, the dog, was sleeping. This normally fussy bedtime little girl was a perfect angel. That’s where the “Gamma is old card” came into play.

I moaned when I bent down to put on her jammies. She said, “Are you ok?” I told her Gamma is old and stuff hurts. She asked me what hurts and I told her my knee and my back. She said, “Mommy’s not old.” I seriously think the three year old felt sorry for me, so she didn’t fuss or complain, as is her normal routine with Mommy and Daddy.

We read another book, put polka dot Teddy under the covers with her, and I sat in the chair for a little while until she fell asleep in her big girl bed. Oh, I forgot to mention, she just started sleeping in her big girl bed , and it’s a little scary for her after the security of the crib. She had a big smile for Gamma.

“Good night, Gamma.”

Happy Saturday, my friends. Happy Gamma here.