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Saturday: Sunny With a Penny

23 Feb

See a penny, pick it up,
all day long you’ll have good luck,
give it to a faithful friend,
then your luck will never end.
Another sunny delightful day here in McKinney. I went to my writing group, but was running very late. I have an electrical voodoo mojo ancient computer/printer curse thing going on. I spent at least four hours working on a story and another hour trying to get the darn printer to spit out a few copies. No luck! I abandoned my failed attempts and just left, empty handed. Sometimes I feel cursed.

When I finally arrived, the other gals were happy to see me, so all the rushing and frustration faded away. Ah, friends! Their stories and works were amazing. It was a productive session, followed by lunch and walking around the Square. I did a little more wandering and visiting before heading home.

I detest long lonely weekends. I still haven’t wrapped my head around it, so I try and keep as busy as possible. But, it was a glorious sunny day, so I drove home, scrambled in the house, changed, and put on my gym shoes so I could get a nice long walk in before dark.

I wasn’t more than twenty steps into my brisk pave when I caught a glimpse of a shiny penny laying on the ground right in my path. Wow! I haven’t found a lucky penny in a while. I guess my guardian angel knew that I was in need of a little inspiration and cheering up today. I took a quick pic with my iPhone, picked up the penny, looked up to heaven and said, “Thanks!”

I walked two times around the neighborhood instead of once, feeling good, feeling blessed, feeling lucky. It made my day and made me think of a song from “the old days.”

My lucky penny, I picked it up and all day long I had good luck.