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Saturday:) St. Anthony and All My Angels On Speed Dial

7 Apr

“For truly we are all angels temporarily hiding as humans.”

Brian L. Weiss


St. Anthony happens to be my Patron Saint, as I was baptized Antoinette. I like to think this gives me a little extra influence with the official Patron Saint of lost articles and lost souls. I call on him quite a bit. We Catholics have a Patron Saint for pretty much every dilemma, illness or intention imaginable.

Well, the other day, I was out for a long walk. The sun was shining, but a little cold. I had gloves on, but I was reveling in the sunshine, swinging my arms, and singing show tunes in my head. I was just a couple of blocks away from my house when, there on the sidewalk, I saw a shiny coin. It was a lucky dime. The strange thing is, I walked that same path when I started out, and didn’t notice it there. Hmmm?

I picked up the dime, after taking a picture, of course, then smiled as I put it in my pocket. I silently said, “Thanks Mom.” Or maybe I said it out loud? I do that sometimes.

I got to my front door, reached for my house key that I keep on a rubber band on my wrist, and NO KEY! Where was my key? Panic! How will I get back in the house? Oh, my neighbor has an extra key, but I didn’t like the thought of my house key somewhere on the street, so I did what I always do. I prayed.

“St. Anthony. It’s me AGAIN. I dropped my key somewhere, and I know you will help me find it.” I didn’t say maybe, I knew he would. To increase my chances, I said my other prayer to my Guardian Angel, who happens to be my mother, right now. For some reason this prayer I learned when I was a little girl, popped into my head a few weeks ago, and will not go away.

So, I retraced my steps down all the sidewalks and streets I walked, repeating the prayer and asking St. Anthony for help. I thought for sure it would be where I picked up the dime. Nope! I kept walking several more blocks. I even thought, this was a strange way to get me to walk a few extra miles.

Finally, I was right in front of Mr. Larry’s and Ms. Sandy’s driveway, (where I sometimes stop for a beer in the garage and catch up on neighborhood news.) and there was the key, smack in the middle of the sidewalk.

It was early morning, and the garage was closed, so I hadn’t stopped. But, as is my habit, as I pass by their house, I give a wave by the front window in case they see me walking past. The key must have slipped off as I waved. Or maybe my angel just left it there knowing I’d find it or Mr. Larry would. Either way, St. Anthony and my angels helped me out again.

I have many more stories of my angels rescuing me in time of need. Many of my angels are right here on earth. Sometimes God gives you earthly angels to help you along the way. I’m blessed with so many. And, I think a few of you reading this right now, know that you are one of those angels. Thank you.

Friday:) From One Angel to Another

17 Feb

You should never feel alone there’s always someone to turn to, it is the Guardian Angel who is watching over you.

K. Sue


Just when I thought my tears were safely tucked away for a while, I opened my phone to check my email and texts. I noticed a new photo post from my son and daughter-in-law. It was my beautiful granddaughter, sitting next to my Mom at Christmas time. Mom was reading her a story. That was less than two months ago, and now Mom is in heaven. Look how intently she’s looking at and listening to her great-grandma. Not only does she bear a strong resemblance, but she bears Mom’s name for her own middle name. We are so blessed to keep her name and legacy in the family.


I know Mom will be watching over this little angel.

Timely Tuesday

30 Oct

Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul – and sings the tunes without the words – and never stops at all.
Emily Dickinson
Wow! Isn’t that a beautiful sentiment? Since I’ve been finding my lucky pennies and lucky feathers, I have been comforted by their sign of hope, promise and peace. It’s like my Guardian Angel is leaving me little tangible signs exactly when I need them.

The last few months have been been more than challenging. Yesterday, my friend Zelda invited me to join her for dinner at Olive Garden. Don’t snicker! I love Olive Garden. When we sat down, there on the table lay a lone penny. Then today, after a stressful day, I ran over to Walmart to pick up a few things. On my way back to my car, a lovely feather cheered me up. I looked up to heaven and said, “Thank you.” I know it was placed there just for me.

My feathers and pennies bring me hope and sing tunes without words.


Theme Song Thursday: Mothers

12 Sep

One of my favorite sayings is, “The NUT doesn’t fall far from the tree.” I tell Mom this all the time. She tries to correct me and says it’s suppose to be the apple, and I simply say, “No, you’re a nut and so am I.” My sweet mother has been a blessing and inspiration, not only to her children, but to everyone who has crossed her path. I hope to continue to follow in her footsteps and be a “nut” just like her.

When my sister told me that two of Mom’s paintings were going to be on display at the Latina Art League of Chicago in Elgin, I was so very proud to be her daughter. At eighty-six, she is still active and finally receiving the recognition and accolades that she has long deserved. My sister, JoAnn, has been her sincerest advocate and promoter, and is also proud to be one of those “nuts.” The beautiful strong tree named Trinidad Armenta, has planted her seeds and spread her roots, and we all are blessed for knowing her. She is our Guardian Angel.