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Tackling Tuesday

9 Jan

“When the going gets tough, the tough…” well, they just go out to lunch and don’t worry about it. Words to live by. Feel free to borrow that.

Today was going to be my tackle tasks Tuesday. It started out with a great early morning Zumba workout at the YMCA, then I rode the stationary bike for a couple miles, and came home all pumped up with grandiose plans of tackling some of those to-do chores from my New Year’s resolution list.The tea kettle was boiling while I prepared a healthy breakfast of Greek yogurt, chopped apple, and organic granola. Very impressive! Off to a great start.

Ring…ring…ring. “Can you meet for lunch later?” Well, say no more. All my plans went out the window. It certainly doesn’t take much to derail my train. I’ve been known to wrap up a sandwich in mid-bite when I get an impromptu lunch invitation. Therefore, all the tasks got put on hold.

After lunch and a few errands, I procrastinated even more when I got home with the mandatory checking of e-mails and Facebook. Heaven forbid, it had been at least three hours since they’d been checked. Who knows what important messages and events had been posted in my absence? Then, of course, being new at this blogging thing, I felt compelled to read all the comments on my blog. Then, common courtesy demanded that I check out all the stories posted by my new found blogger friends. The techno-world can be so tedious and time consuming.

By this time, it was getting dark and time to start thinking about dinner. It was a gloomy and rainy evening, so a big bowl of healthy homemade soup was the order of the day. A couple hours zipped away watching NCIS and the Los Angeles version that followed. Now, the entire day had gone to hell-in-a-hand-basket, (whatever that means?). To make things even worse, I followed that up with a bowl of chocolate ice cream. An overwhelming feeling of guilt coursed through my cholesterol clogged veins. How could I redeem myself?

A little voice in my head kept repeating, “Baby steps, baby steps.” I had foolishly whiled away an entire day. I walked into the kitchen, opened up the first cluttered drawer within arm’s reach, and dumped all the contents onto the counter. I threw out the old yucky stuff and organized the vitally important items, such as the twenty different measuring spoons and paper wrapped fast food chop sticks. The little junk drawer is completely organized. Now, I feel better. One small drawer for mankind, one giant leap for procrastination.