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Theme Song Thursday: Books

1 Aug

You cannot open a book without learning something.

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So many books, so little time. I was inspired to go through a ton of paperbacks and old VCR tapes that have been sitting around collecting dust for years. Does anyone even have a VCR anymore? So, I packed up a box and four big shopping bags full of afore mentioned material and drove over to Half Price Books. I already knew that paid next to nothing for books to resell, but I figured it was better than dropping them off somewhere else.

After over an hour of glancing at the shelves and sitting in a chair, waiting for my name to be called, my huge stash in the shopping cart was worth a total of $9. My closest guesstimate was an average of ten cents an item. Sacrilege, you might ask? Actually, I was half expecting $4, so I was pleasantly surprised. You see, I buy a lot of books there and I know that I appreciate a bargain and the fact that people want to share their books, music and videos with others.

Here’s a fun song to get you in the mood.


Monday Memories and Music

9 Apr

The setting was the early 1960’s in Chicago. A young Catholic school girl dreamed of being a concert pianist, traveling the world, performing for kings and queens, maybe even the Pope. So, somewhere around the fifth grade, the girl pleaded with her mother to take piano lessons after school. The good news was, the loving mother agreed to pay for the lessons. The bad news was, Sister Mary Corporal Punishment was not the most nurturing and loving piano teacher. (Qualifier: not all the nuns were terrible and mean. Most were devoted, loving and spiritual role models. Yes, I also wanted to be a nun when I was seven, but I grew out of it.)

After no more than three or four painful ruler smacking sessions, the lessons ceased, as did the dreams of touring the world. But not to worry, the little girl had plenty of other dreams.

Fast forward about fifty years, give or take a few years. Here I am, back to the old dream and longing to learn to play the piano. The concert tours and world travel no longer a possibility, but you have to start somewhere. My wonderful husband bought me a beautiful piano. I tinkered a little here and there, just playing by ear, (actually with one finger…no ears involved).

I was too embarrassed to take piano lessons so late in life, being closer to Medicare than middle school. So, I drove over to Half Price Books to get a piano book for beginners. I was never great at following written directions. I’m more of a visual kinda gal. What better book to try than “Piano for Dummies?”


There were some very nice diagrams and easy basic tunes to play, but then the book progressed to using more than one finger, and some complicated things called chords, with all kinds of symbols called flats, sharps, and major and minor thingies. It all sounded very military school. TMI once again. I started with page one and was way beyond confused by page ten.

Several weeks of tinkering and more confusion found me back at the book store. I scoured all the piano books until I found a possible solution and hopefully an easier book. I plunked the new book on the counter and told the cashier, “Piano for Dummies was too hard. Hopefully this book will be easier. I think I’m more of an idiot than a dummy!”


The jury is still out. Is there anything easier than a book for idiots? I’m still playing with one arthritic finger and an old crusty ear.