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Thankful Thursday: Remembering 9/11

12 Sep

For some people, today was just an ordinary Thursday, an ordinary September 11th. But, to those of us of a certain age, “We will never forget.” That image replays in our heads over and over, just like it did on every TV channel, over and over. Do you remember where you were?

As I mentioned yesterday, I like to bake to show my appreciation for our fire fighters. I made the brownies and mini cup cakes last night and frosted them today, just a few minutes before I took them over to Stations #2 and #5.


As I parked my car over by Station #2 around 4pm, I noticed a few of the guys out back throwing a football around, so I walked across the grass with my big aluminum pan filled with treats. From a distance, I could see my buddy, Quincy, with a big smile on his face.

Here’s the part that melted my heart. Quincy shouted out as I approached , “I was wondering where you were. You never miss a 9/11.”

That’s Quincy on the far right. I met him a few years back when he was over at Station #5, and I interviewed him for a story I was working on. Now, we are Facebook friends, and I get to see photos of his lovely family and friends. That’s what I love about McKinney. Friends become family.

Then, I scooted over to Station #5. I picked up the call phone outside the door and said, “Hi, it’s Toni with some treats for you guys.” Not only was I welcomed, but I was invited back for a photo op. Fire fighter Stephens has been on duty quite a few times when I dropped off brownies or cupcakes. He knows I like to take pictures. I told them that I moved and Station #2 was closer to my new house, but I’d still be stopping by with my brownies. Then Stephens said, “Well then, we should adopt you as Station Mom.”

I kinda like that…Station Mom.

So, it was a good day of remembering and honoring and saying thank you.
I didn’t have my brownie face making props handy when I was baking yesterday. I’m sure they’re in a box somewhere deep in the recesses of the garage. So, here’s one of my favorites from the past. Throwback brownie Thursday.