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Saturday:) Settling In and Some Painting Projects

8 Dec

“I’d like to be settled into somewhat of a normal life. Somewhat. I know it’s never going to be completely normal.”

~Michael Jordan


I had a wonderful week visiting with my little grand-daughter, oh yes, and my son and his wife. Did I mention them? She’s just so darn cute that I forget to mention anyone else. Last night, we all went to dinner. My sister came to visit and pick me up so I could spend some time at her house.

Somebody loves French fries.

While I had some free time during the week, I spent some quiet time painting some of my ornaments for my Chicago friends and family. I’m very lucky that Auntie Debbie found me a few boxes of the frosted ornaments because hey aren’t making them or selling them anymore at Hobby Lobby…bummer. Because I wasn’t at home with all my supplies, I had to bring my blank white boxes and some paint in my suitcase, and made a last minute trip to Hobby Lobby for hooks and glue and glitter. So, the difficult part was trying to figure out a way to suspend each ornament while the paint was drying. I scoured the house and found some coat hangers and turned baby Belle’s little doll stroller upside down to hang things four at a time. Then, I hung them in the closet on the wire racks as they continued drying. “Inventions are the necessity of motherhood.”

I may be settling in, getting used to the cold and different surroundings, but I can’t settle. I’ll settle in, but never settle down. Life is too short.

Tuesday:) Toni’s Tip of the Day~ Ingenuity

1 Mar

“Despite all our amazing ability, ingenuity, technology and industry humans are the one species who have not mastered the art of simplicity.” ― Rasheed Ogunlaru


I asked a couple of stron men friends to come over Sunday and carry up a heavy file cabinet that I had in the garage. Mr. Mike and Mr.,Richard came over and carried it up to the spot where I had cleared a space for. Well, today, I decided that was not a good spot after all. But, the far wall where aimwanted to put it already had a heavy bookshelf and had to be moved about three feet.

I decided to try and take care of the job myself. I AM WOMWN. HEAR ME ROAR! Or was that a loud yawn? Som I decided to go downstairs and look for those plastic gliding furniture moving disc. You know where they were??? Neither did I! I looked everywhere. But, I was determined to move the darn things today. 

I emptied most of the heavy books from the book shelf and took some post office priority mailers and slid them under the corners. They are kinda slippery. That’s all I could come up with. I pushed and shoved and, voila, after much huffing and puffing. I got it into place. Then, I put the books back.

Now, for the file cabinet. Not as easy and a lot further to push and pull and wriggle. But, I shoved the mailers underneath and wiggled and shoved across the room. The final wiggling wasn’t as easy. I had to scoot it back with my knees. I’ve got one good knee and one bad one. But, it got there.

I have a funny feeling that I’ll find those glider things tomorrow when I’m not looking for them. But for today, if you don’t have the right tools or equipment…make something up. Necessity is the mother of invention. Or is it…Mothers invent things out of necessity?

Wednesday Words of Wisdom: Don’t Take No For an Answer

25 Sep

“Men are creatures of invention and are usually determined not to accept no for an answer.”
― Mario Stinger, Destined for Oblivion: As Nature Intended
Determined to have a fulfilling day, I started out with a brisk walk, a nice breakfast, and back upstairs to unpack and tackle more bins and boxes. I worked until I dropped. Of course, I barely scratched the surface, but I could see a little progress…very little.

Later in the day, I decided that I was going to haul two heavy night stands from upstairs, down 17 steps. When I tried to lift one, I couldn’t budge it. Now what? I thought about those slider thingies, as seen on tv, but that wouldn’t work going down the stairs. Think! Hmmm? What can I use? Light bulb moment.

What is slippery and large enough to fit under the night stand? I looked around and saw a bunch of plastic lids from the dozens of bins strewn about. Voila! It worked perfectly. I ooched the night stand onto the lid and slid it to the edge of the stairs and kerplunked it down 17 steps, and across the hall, through the bedroom and into the closet. Finally, I gathered all my Herculean strength, gave out a big grunt, and put one stand on top of the other.

I did it!!! I didn’t take no for an answer, I didn’t give up, and I didn’t have to ask for help. Don’t get me wrong. Sometimes I break down and ask for help, but not until I try and get ‘er done all by myself.



I am a creature of invention. Or is it just called stubborn?


And guess what? When I started putting things into the empty drawers, look what I found! A little white feather! Yep!