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Saturday Just Sittin’ Around

2 Aug

“You are sitting! Want to be there? You can’t reach there by not going there! Sitting is the enemy of your dreams!”

― Mehmet Murat ildan


Well, I was thinking that all I did was sit around most of the day, but not really all day. I did go out this morning and pull some weeds and pull out a LOT of lovely tall green grass that had taken over my flower beds. I wish my grass would grow that thick and lush where it’s supposed to grow, and not inside the flower beds. I thought it was cool enough to work outside, but after about an hour, my sun glasses were fogged up and blurry from the dripping sweat, I figured it was time to come in and cool off.

After a little rest and several glasses of cool water, I visited with my old friend Henrietta Hoover, who I hadn’t seen in such a long time. I took Henrietta for a spin around the house.

I could tell it had been a while since last we visited because her empty canister filled up pretty fast. I think she missed me.

When I finally sat down to rest from my exhausting endeavors, I grabbed my iPad to check my emails and Facebook, only to be appalled by its sad worn torn ugly pink cover. I had a brand new cover sitting in the closet for a long time, why didn’t I use it?

I slid my iPad out of the mangey old pink cover and slipped it into the newly discovered black one, and it fit perfectly. Cool! I checked my emails and Facebook, then decided to take a picture of the old cover. Guess what? There was no hole for the camera on the back, so it couldn’t take a picture with the new cover on. Oh no! Now what?

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. I needed to come up with a plan, so I decided to poke a hole through the cover with a sharp knife. Not as easy as it sounds. After poking and slicing and snipping with knife and scissors, it still wasn’t looking right. I had an idea. I’ll heat up the handle of a fork and use it to sear or cauterize the opening for a cleaner hole, going round and round and melting the pretend artificial genuine simulated leather. Ah, worked like a charm. That is because “I Am … Amazing!”

Well, now it’s late and I’m exhausted from all my trials and tribulations and imaginations. Perhaps a glass of wine and a little TV. I can’t stay up too late, I have to get up by 10:55 am so I can watch 11 o’clock Mass in my pajamas tomorrow. “Night John Boy.”

Sunday Sermon and Stuff

22 Sep

Work is the grand cure for all maladies and miseries that ever beset mankind – honest work, which you intend getting done.
Thomas Carlyle
25th Sunday in Ordinary Time Gospel Mt 20:1-16a

Today’s Gospel was the parable about the landowner who hired men to work in his vineyard, and promised them a fair daily wage. He hired different people during the course of the day and paid them all the same whether they worked all day or just one hour. The ones who worked all day were jealous and upset. The landowner explained:

“Did you not agree with me for the usual daily wage?
Take what is yours and go.
What if I wish to give this last one the same as you?
Or am I not free to do as I wish with my own money?
Are you envious because I am generous?’
Thus, the last will be first, and the first will be last.”
My interpretation is why do we need to be jealous if we are being treated fairly? Why do we think we deserve more than anyone else? Why would we think it unfair if someone is generous to others? When you are greedy, jealous, or covet, it turns around and bites you in the… You know.
Enough with the sermon…well, maybe, “Honesty is the best policy.” Now, I’m done.
After Mass, the Knights of Columbus had a free pancake breakfast for parishioners. I didn’t partake, but walked over to take some photos.

When I came home, the AT&T guy was finishing up my repair. Yessss! My internet and TV are back. Then, off to the Square for a yummy breakfast at Snug, followed by a leisurely visit with my friends Kathy and Elizabeth at Sweet Spot Bakery. It was a warm afternoon and a zillion people came in for ice cream and other sweet treats.

Miss Kathy and I walked over to Brother’s Pizza for dinner. Doc wasn’t there, but Vinnie made us a fantastic pizza. Doesn’t he look like a Vinnie?


It was a good day. I’ve been trying to post what I am thankful for on Facebook every day. I’m thankful for a lovely, leisurely Sunday. (Remember last week…I said Sunday was my day off and I wasn’t going to clean or unpack or worry about stuff. I done good!)


Silly Sentimental and Lazy Sunday

8 Sep

“A little nonsense now and then, is cherished by the wisest men.”
― Roald Dahl, Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator
I am having THE MOST LAZY SUNDAY. Isn’t that wonderful? I had the most fun at Mandy and Kyle’s wedding last night. Lynne and Charlie were so sweet to pick me up, spend the evening and drive me home. Because I’ve vowed never to drink and drive, this allowed me to enjoy a glass of wine to toast the happy couple. We had a great time and were some of the last to leave.

So, this morning when the alarm went off at 7:30, I actually contemplated turning it off, going back to sleep, and missing 9am Mass. Noooo! I needed to go to church and thank God for my blessings, family and dear friends. THEN, I could come back home and take a nap. And I did!!!! Yesssss!!!! I haven’t been able to nap in such a long time. This is a good sign.

I am slowly getting back on my feet, feeling more comfortable in my new house, and trying to get organized. But, for today…I’m going to be lazy and silly. I deserve it.

Getting back to normal, getting back to ME!

Thursday, I made brownies for my old tennis team. (They’re not old. I’m old) That’s been my tradition for home matches for years. I’m just on the sub list for now, but hopefully I’ll get back on the courts soon. Sometimes I’d make a funny face with the brownie mix before mixing, and I hadn’t done that in quite a while, but here is a photo of my first funny face brownie mix in my new house. I watched the match and had lunch with the girls. Fun day. Getting back!


Last night, I danced and laughed and celebrated with friends. Fun with friends.

And for today, I rested, made myself a delicious dinner, ate chocolate-peanut butter ice cream, and sat on the sofa watching endless-mindless TV. LIFE IS GOOOD!