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Theme Song Thursday: Hello, Is It Me You’re Looking For?

27 Mar

When you’re looking for a needle in a haystack, don’t afraid to burn the haystack to save yourself from spending half your life picking through strands of straw.” 

― A.J. DarkholmeRise of the Morningstar


We’re all looking for something, whether it be love, health, happiness, or financial security. Some are looking for peace of mind or peace of spirit. Personally, I’m looking for all of the above, BUT, most often, I’m just looking for a pair of glasses so I can see all the fine print that life throws at me every single day.

I don’t wear prescription glasses, just those cheap cheater glasses from the discount stores. It never fails though, as many pairs as I have scattered around the house or car, I can never find one when I need to read something.

So, the other day, when I was trying to read my email, I scoured the house for my glasses. Finally, I thought, “Hmmm? I think I have an emergency pair in my purse.” Well, I did.


I had six pairs in my purse! So, that’s where they all were. 

“Hello! Is it me you’re looking for?” Theme song for today.