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Saturday:) St. Anthony Saves The Day…AGAIN!

22 Jan

“Sometimes when you lose your way in the fog, you end up in a beautiful place! Don’t be afraid of getting lost!” 

― Mehmet Murat ildan


Catholics have a Patron Saint for just about everything. Really, we do! But, one of the most important and most called upon, is St. Anthony. Well, at least at my house. I have him on speed dial prayer.

This afternoon, I took Bella for a walk around the pond. At one point, I reached into my pocket to get my phone to take a picture of a big ol’ hawk gliding through the sky. No phone. I just assumed that I left it at home. After a long walk around the pond, we walked home. I looked everywhere for my phone. Grabbing the land line phone, I dialed my cell, walking around, listening for the ring. No ringing anywhere. That usually does the trick. Nope!

The next step was look on the “find my phone” link on my iPad. I was already in a panic, and couldn’t  remember my Apple password. Is there a Patron Saint for passwords? Thank goodness I had it written down in a safe place. The app showed that my phone was somewhere two blocks away. It looked like near the pond, not really specific, but general vicinity.  I ran out the door, trying to retrace my steps. I didn’t have a spare cell phone to call myself. Now what?

I almost knocked on a neighbor’s door to borrow a cell phone, but I thought I’d try the exhaustive search approach first. I retraced the entire walk, scanning and panning and panicking every minute. My walk was more like a jog. No phone. Then, I remembered how just last week, I told my friend Sherry to pray to St. Anthony for lost items when she couldn’t find something very precious that she misplaced. She’s not Catholic, but St. Anthony doesn’t care. She found her lost item.

I started chanting to myself, “Please St. Anthony, please!” Over and over, I prayed, my heart racing. Within a minute of my desperate fervent prayer, I looked down, and there it was, laying on the grass. I had already walked that way, but there it was.

It doesn’t matter if you believe in prayer or Patron Saints or miracles. The important thing is, I BELIEVE. And, Saint Anthony, my personal Patron Saint,  has been a good friend of mine and called upon quite frequently. Just yesterday, I asked him to help me find my American Express card that I couldn’t find, as I had put it in a very safe place for safe keeping while I was out of town. I said my prayer and, voila, I  found it. Thank you Saint Anthony…AGAIN.