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Friday:) Finding Feathers

27 Jul

“Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul – and sings the tunes without the words – and never stops at all.”

~Emily Dickinson


It’s funny, the things that most people don’t even notice, mean so very much to me. I went walking early this morning before the excruciating oppressive Texas heat set in. I’m never looking for lucky pennies or lucky feathers, they just seem to appear beneath my feet. (Signs)

About two miles into my walk, a beautiful black and white feather was waiting for me on a warm speckled gray driveway. I smiled.

“Hope is a thing of feathers….”

I continued my walk, enjoying the temporary cloud cover and the glorious sky that painted the eastern sky. “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”


Tuesday:) Two Feathers and Taking Care of Business,Again

18 Oct

“Self-discipline is self-caring.” 

― M. Scott Peck


The alarm was set for 7am. I needed to get up early, feed my house guest and take her for a walk. (Bella, the dog) Then, a quick shower and out the door by 8:15. I got a call last week about the results of my mammogram. They needed to do a follow up and recheck, something different from last year’s film. I wasn’t too concerned until I was asked to remain after the initial rescan for an ultrasound. After an extensive ultrasound with the the technician, the doctor/radiologist came in to talk to me. She said not to be too concerned, but I should come in for another ultrasound and follow-up in six months. I will do that. We all need to be taking care of business and ourselves.

Ah, another lovely shot of the blue angel gown before the exam. Yes, I take pictures of everything.

After nearly two hours of prodding, smooshing, and squishing, I decided to do some retail therapy at one of my favorite stops, Steinmart. I found a few comforting items. New happy clothes, new happy spirit. Plus, every thing was on sale. Even happier.

Taking care of business…retail.

I stopped at Half Priced Books on the way home. I haven’t been there in ages. I love to browse at all the beautiful books, especially the art books. Too many choices. I found a lucky feather right outside my car door.

By now I’d worked up an appetite and stopped at McD’s for a chicken sandwich and an iced tea and people watching. I promised myself on the way home that I’d stop and Walgreens and take care of the vaccines and immunization so that I needed and have been putting off. I needed the DPT booster that is strongly recommended for anyone coming in contact with a new born baby. Yay! That will be me in Decemeber when I get to meet my new granddaughter. Then, I needed the dreaded shingles shot, because, well, I guess because I’m old and don’t want to get shingles unless they are on the roof of my house. I was so brave. You’d be proud of me.

I had the pharmacist take the picture. I couldn’t do a selfie and squeal at the same time. Just kidding. It didn’t hurt. 

While I was waiting for the shots, I started chatting with a lady waiting for her prescription. We waited and chatted a good ten minutes before I said, “If we have to wait any longer, maybe we should open your bottle of wine. I’ll go buy some plastic cups.” She concurred. Her name is Margaret. We’ll probably never see each other again, but who knows. She likes wine. Me too!

I scurried home to let Miss Bella out. Later, I fed her and we went for a long walk. I found another lucky feather. This was a big one.

It was a good day to take care of important business…namely ME. Two feather Tuesday is always a good sign.

Three Feather Thursday And More Square Stuff:) Now That’s a Steak!

2 Sep

“Hope is the thing with feathers That perches in the soul 

And sings the tune without the words 

And never stops at all.” 

― Emily Dickinson


I didn’t sleep much last night. I’m pretty sure it was the three diet cokes that kept me tossing and turning till well after 5 a.m. Instead of sleeping in, I woke to the 7a.m. alarm and went to Zumba at 8:30. The minute I got home, I changed and went for a long walk. It was already pretty darn hot, but I decided to walk a different direction. On the drive home, I saw that a large group of people and a fire truck were set up over by the site of the future Fire Station 8, so I wanted to see if I could catch the end of the ground breaking ceremony.

By the time I walked the two miles back there, everyone was gone. They packed up their tent and vanished. But, I enjoyed walking a different path, seeing different sights. During my trek, I found a beautiful large feather on the side of the road, later a smaller one, then almost home, yet a third. Three lucky feathers on one walk. Each feather different, perhaps each with a different good luck charm.

I was meeting my good friend, and world’s greatest realtor, Linda Grossman, on the Square for lunch. We met at The Pantry, and I ordered the chicken fried steak with mashed potatoes and fried okra. OMG! That’s short for Over the Moon Good! Not only that, but when you sign up for their restaurant rewards and texting program, they’re always sending coupons for discounts, specials, or BOGO. I received a text yesterday for Buy one get one chicken fried steak. Be still my heart! Literally! When Imget the steak, I cut it in half because it’s huge, and bring the other half home. But, Linda didn’t want the other BOGO, she was eating healthy, so I got it to go. Dinner for two more days.

Now, that’s a steak! Seriously, sign up for text coupons at The Pantry, great food, and usually pretty quiet, and not too crowded. Look at that steak. Delicious!

After lunch, we roamed around the Square a little. We visited over at Mom and Pop Pocorn.

The clouds and dark sky rolled in with a few flashes of lightning. Great sky! We took a few cool pictures then skedaddled home.

Another lucky day. Three lucky feathers, fantastic friends, and a fridge overflowing with leftovers. No plans for lunch tomorrow…but I’m free. Call me!

Theme Song Thursday 

27 Aug

May good luck be your friend in whatever you do and may trouble be always a stranger to you.~ Irish Blessings quotes  


A beautiful day. Zumba in the morning followed by a long walk/run. I was energized  and motivated for a great day.  I found a lucky penny on my walk.  I’m not sure if I find these lucky pennies or they find me. 


Then, a leisurely lunch with my friend Lynda. I found a lucky feather on the sidewalk walking from my car. 

The signs are there. The songs are there. We just have to see the signs and sing the songs. The rest will follow. 


Theme Song/Thankful Thursday: “Happy” Dancin’ In The Kitchen

19 Sep

“Those blessings are sweetest that are won with prayer and worn with thanks.”
― Thomas Goodwin
Today, I am thankful for music, dance, and a happy spirit that can lift my spirits and brighten my soul, even when my heart is broken. (The rest of me works just fine.) Broken can be fixed, and sometimes better than new.

I am thankful that I still love dancin’ in the kitchen. I’m dancin’ in my beautiful new kitchen, I’m “Happy,” and no one can take that away. So, crank up the music and go dance in the kitchen. Seriously! Do it today! Dance along with me.


I am thankful for families that play in the park, roses along my walk, and the lucky feather that was right outside my car door when I went to the store. I looked all around. The feather was just by my car. I didn’t see feathers anywhere else.



So, forget “Throwback Thursday,” and let’s make it “Thankful Thursday.” What are you thankful for? Share it with the world.

Three Feather Friday

13 Sep

“It’s not enough to have the feathers.

You must dare to fly!”
― Cass van Krah
TGIF…is not one of my specialties. Fridays come way too fast and way too often. It just means another week has flown by. Speaking of “flown.” I encountered three feathers today. I am still feeling stressed and overwhelmed with the move and all, but Friday is the day I volunteer with my seniors. No time for stress.

I went to the grocery store to pick up a few things, and on my way out the door, I saw two lucky feathers. Good sign, settle down, things will be ok. I had been questioning why I still go volunteer every Friday, go out of my way, bake, cook, teach painting techniques, bring art materials, wait on people, and clean up. Then, I find the feathers.

Next stop, Papa Murphy’s Pizza to say HI to Miss Karri and pick up a couple of pepperoni pizzas for Towne Creek. What do a spy from the corner of my eye…like the rhyming??? Yes, yet another feather. You don’t have to hit me over the head. Three feathers in less than three seconds. Signs, signs, everywhere signs.

The rest of the day was just another Friday, but it was a three feather Friday.

“It’s not enough to have the feathers.
You must dare to fly!”

Now, I must learn to fly.


Tuesday: Timeless Treasures and Feathers

20 Aug

“It is your omen, only you know the meaning. To me, it is but another star in the night.”
― Gerald R. Stanek, The Eighth House

Just when I thought I couldn’t possibly find another feather or luck penny, they start coming out of the woodwork.

Last night, while I was writing my blog, I looked down on my black sweat pants and noticed something white. I thought it was lint, but when I picked it up, it was a tiny white feather. Where did it come from?

Today, I was packing up the stuff in the drawers of the night stand next to my bed where I keep my journals and books. While I was grabbing up a few books, notebooks, and pens…a feather.

Then, this was really weird. Under another a pile of books there was a feather by my writing manual and another by some old scattered photos. The picture and the feather tells a story all by itself. I’m not even sure what that sign was all about, but I’m sure it’s a doozy.


My dear friend and BFF, Lin, emailed me just today that she wondered why she hadn’t found any feathers, and low and behold, she found one. I think the deal is, signs don’t come and hit you over the head. You don’t have to search and scour, but just be open to the possibility and they will appear.
“It’s your omen, only you know the meaning.”

Theme Song Thursday: Luck

15 Aug

“Learn to recognize good luck when it’s waving at you, hoping to get your attention.”
― Sally Koslow
This week has been laden with lucky signs. Last night I found a shiny lucky penny on my evening walk, but earlier in the week, I found three feathers at the bottom of a dresser drawer when I was cleaning it out. It was kinda weird and optimistic at the same time. Then, I found two feathers at the bottom of a drawer in the dining room the next day. One morning, there was a feather on the street and one on the grass nearby, almost like an arrow pointing to Sheila Johnson’s house. The next morning, Sheila was watering her plants, so I stopped to chat with her and told her about the feathers.

I’m very superstitious and believe in signs. There have been a lot of signs. I know they are all good and supposed to comfort and guide me. I just wish they could be a little more explicit. Maybe I need talking signs. Maybe even singing show tune type signs. I have been listening to my Sinatra CD in the car a lot. I love to sing along with this one…perhaps a sign.


Well, they call you lady luck
But there is room for doubt
At times you have a very un-lady-like way
Of running out
Your on this date with me
And the pickin’s have been lush
And yet before the evening is over
You might give me the brush
You might forget your manners
You might refuse to stay
And so the best that I can do is pray
Luck be a lady tonight
Luck be a lady tonight
Luck if you’ve ever been a lady to begin with
Please be a lady tonight
Luck let a gentleman see
Just how nice a dame you can be
I know the way you’ve treated
All those girls before me
Please be a lady with me
A lady doesn’t leave her escort
It isn’t fair, and it isn’t nice
A lady doesn’t wander all over the room
And then blow on some other guys dice
Why do we keep [Incomprehensible] eyes
Never get out of my sight
Stick with me, baby
I’m the fella you came in with
Luck be a lady tonight
Luck let a gentleman see
Just how nice a dame you can be
I know the way you’ve treated
Other guys you’ve been with
Luck be a lady with me
A lady never flirts with strangers
She have a heart, she’ll be nice
A lady doesn’t wander all over the room
And then blow on some other guys dice
So why don’t we keep this party polite
Never get out of my sight, no way
Stick with me, baby
I’m the guy that you came in with
Luck be a lady
Luck be a lady, luck be a lady
This very night, this night
Be a lady

Read more: Frank Sinatra – Luck Be A Lady Lyrics | MetroLyrics



Lucky feathers.


Lucky pennies.

Friday: Feathers Forever

2 Aug

“It’s not enough to have the feathers.

You must dare to fly!”
― Cass van Krah
It’s Fiday, AGAIN! Time really flies by, doesn’t it? Speaking of flying, I found another lucky feather on my walk the other night. Lucky pennies, lucky feathers, I’ve been finding quite a few lately. Combined with prayers and good thoughts from friends and family, things are looking bright and hopeful. A new house, a new start, a new life. (I’ll have to find a special place for all my lucky feathers.)

“I dare to fly.”



Meaning of Feathers

The Meaning of Feathers plays an important role in the belief system of Native American Indians. Their beliefs are based on Animism which embodies the spiritual idea that all natural things within the universe, including birds, have souls or spirits. Animists believe that souls or spirits exist, not only in humans, but also in birds, their feathers and in animals, plants, rocks and natural phenomena. The doctrine of animism is that everything is alive, and possesses an inherent virtue, power and wisdom.

Wednesday Words of a Wisdom

10 Jul

“It’s not enough to have the feathers.

You must dare to fly!”
― Cass van Krah
Yesterday was my two penny Tuesday, and this morning I found a lucky feather on the last lap of my fourth walk around the neighborhood. I passed that same spot three times, and I didn’t notice the feather before. Just as I was ready to pick it up, I said to myself, (yes, I talk to myself.) “Ooh! Don’t forget to take a picture for today’s blog post.”

I had a special feeling that that feather was placed in my path today. I needed a feather today. Some angel, I’m not sure which one, as I have several watching over me, was sending me a sign. And, from the looks of it so far, it might be working. I’ll keep you posted. (You know I will.)

I found a feather on my way
To nowhere special yesterday.
It wasn’t there when first I passed,
But greeted me upon the last.
I picked it up and asked not why
Remember, “You must dare to fly.”