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Tuesday:) Toni and Helene’s Terrific Visit to Holy Family School

24 Nov

“Never get tired of doing little things for others, sometimes those little things occupy the biggest parts of their hearts.” – Unknown


Helene and I made our monthly visit to Holy Family School this afternoon. It’s always so uplifting to see those adorable little faces, and to know that our little contribution of snacks and drinks goes a long way to nourish the little ones.

Today we had a lot of apple juice, peanut butter and snacks to take over.
We are always greeted with appreciation and smiles. Even under the masks, we can sense the smiling eyes. And Helene topped it off with a generous check. “Never get tired of doing little things for others, sometimes those little things occupy the biggest parts of their hearts.” – Unknown

We walked upstairs to say hi to Miss Sondra. The little ones were napping… or at least we’re supposed to be napping.

Helene and Miss Sondra. (We “BELIEVE “ too.)
A few of little ones popped up to say hi and Happy Thanksgiving. Just seeing those adorable cherub faces and squeaky salutations would melt any heart. We love our little friends at Holy Family School.

After our brief visit, Helene and I stopped at One and Only Burger on Highway 5. After all, it is on the way home, and has the most incredible fresh French fries on the planet.

Oh man,… so good!

It was a good afternoon, filling our hearts and tummies.

I went for an evening walk right before sunset, and of course, I was greeted by another stunning sunset. Life is good.

Happy Tuesday, my friends.

Tuesday:) Time to Visit Our Friends at Holy Family School

3 Aug

“Be the reason someone smiles. Be the reason someone feels loved and believes in the goodness in people.”

~Toy T. Bennett


Ah, today Helene and I drove over to Holy Family School to drop off our treasure trove of snacks, drinks, and school supplies that we have been collecting for over a month. We try and get over there at least once a month with our Kroger, Tom Thumb and Walmart bargains and sales that we find for the little ones during the course of the month. We get so excited when we find a great sale… “Oh look, yogurt is 3 for $1. Crayon’s are 2 for $1. Wait, wait…Goldfish Mickey Mouse crackers, only 99cents?” We are easily excited. This is just our little way to share our smiles and love with the adorable pre-school children and staff and our community.

My snacks and drinks, sales and bargains.
Helene found a ton of crayons and markers to add to her fantastic finds.
Miss Sondra was upstairs in her classroom with the children, but took a few minutes to come down and say a quick hello. We hadn’t seen her in months. Such a sweet loving lady. so good to see her smiling face.
Look at those adorable faces.

After our quick visit, we stopped at One and Only Burger on HWY 5 and 380 for lunch. OMG! The fries are so fresh and hot and delicious, and the medium bag is enough for two line backers and their brother . The burgers are handcrafted, not frozen, with anything you want on it. I had lettuce, tomatoes, mustard, avocado, mushrooms and grilled onions. (No extra cost) PLUS, get this, when we got our receipt, I couldn’t figure out why it was so darn cheap. We usually spend a lot more for one meal, much less two. The girl gave us a senior discount. (Hmm? Should I be happy or insulted? I went with happy,)

We did our best, but couldn’t finish all the fries.

A great day with friends, food, smiles, and our Holy Family School Family.