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Friday:) Fun and Friends at the VFW~ Karaoke Style

17 Nov

” Karaoke isn’t about being a good singer, it’s about having a good time with good friends.”

~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


Last night was our usual karaoke night at the VFW. When I arrived, Doug was the only one from the old gang sitting there alone at the table. I had invited Danny, from the Monday senior center Country Dance group, to join us last week. I was pleasantly surprised that he was already there with a couple of friends at another table. So, they came over and joined us.

The bad part about a small group is… well, there really isn’t a bad part because I got to do a lot of singing and dancing. And poor Doug, generally our only male dance partner, is polite and makes sure all the ladies get a turn dancing. I was the only lady he knew so I got all the dances. Lucky me.

Normally, I get to sing three or four songs at most. Last night, I probably sang seven or eight. We even crashed the stage and did some unsolicited back-up singing and dancing for some unsuspecting crooners. And I wasn’t even drinking. (I don’t drink and drive…NEVER EVER!) It was a fun night.

Theme Song Thursday:) You’ve Got a Friend

1 Jun

“When the world is so complicated, the simple gift of friendship is within all of our hands.”

~Maria Shriver


Today was filled with friends, fine food, and a fun night at the VFW.

It’s been so hot, but I got out for a long early morning walk. I squeezed in an hour before total heat exhaustion summoned me home. I cooled off by sitting under the ceiling fan. Then, it was time to get ready for my nice lunch with my Neighbir, Diane. She wanted to thank me for cat sitting last week. (Remember, I’m the animal whisperer.) We went to RIck’s Chophouse, on the square and had a lovely lunch.

After lunch, we walked around the Square a while, but it was pretty hot. We stopped at Sweet Spot Bakery for some ice cream. So glad they’re open again. I missed my favorite hang out during their renovations. It was good to see Miss Elizabeth again.

I came home, did a few chores, then went for another walk. It was a short one. Too hot.

Then, it was time to get ready for karaoke at the VFW. I love that a bunch of friends meet every Thursday night for singing, dancing, laughing and camaraderie. When I arrived, they were finishing up a VFW meeting, so karaoke hadn’t started yet, so I went back outside to take a few pictures.

When I first arrived, there was only a handful of friends, so we only had three people singing. I got to sing a lot of songs. My good friend and neighbor, Mr. Larry was there. Of course, selfie time.

As the time passed, more and more folks filtered in, and it got pretty crowded. We laughed and danced and sang fun songs. It’s always a fun night.

Miss Sandy and I sang a duet , “You’ve Got a Friend.” Yep, I always have a friend. I am blessed. Music makes my heart sing.

It was a fine day.

Friday:) Friends From the “YMCA”

27 Jan

“Friends who sing together, cling together.”

~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


You all know that I’ve been blessed with the greatest friends in the world. I have my long-time friends from high school, college, and dear friends and neighbors from raising children stages, and my friends here in Texas. Every stage in life builds new friendships.

I belong to this fun group of, shall I say, older and wiser people, who meet every other week for dinner, occasional trips, and now karaoke at the McKinney VFW every Thursday night. They’re called “Single Mingle,” but a few of them are married. It’s a fun group.

Last night, I sang a few of my favorite songs. My newest favorite is “LaBamba.” I get to practice my Spanish, and my friends get to get up and dance. I got the group, some of who don’t ever go up to sing, to go up as a group to sing, “YMCA.” They had a blast.

Theme Song Thursday:) VFW~Do You Love Me?

19 Jan

“I love you…”, I said to myself and believed it. Finally.”

Karen A. Baquiran


Another fun night at the McKinney VFW for karaoke night. I sang a few songs and danced a few dances. Miss Pat and I were twistin’ and jivin’ to “Do You Love Me.”

You’re never to old to ask the age old question…”Do You Love Me?” And while you’re deciding on the answer, get up and dance.

Theme Song Thursday:) Karaoke at the MCKinney VFW~ Back In The Swing

5 Jan

“I love writing. I love the swirl and swing of words as they tangle with human emotions.”

~James A. Michener


After being away from home for five weeks, it was good to get back into the swing of things. It’s good to sleep in my own bed, reach into my own closet and my own fridge, but most of all, to get back to my routine and see my friends, and have some crazy fun. It’s tough, because I’ll miss my family and friends back in Chicago. You can’t have both, I guess, but that’s why they have airplanes.

It was fun to get back to karaoke at the McKinney VFW tonight. I made a batch of brownies to take. So, not only was I missed, but so were my brownies. Of course, I made a funny face with the mix before baking.

To start off the new year with some new energy, I picked a new song to sing. One that I knew no one else there has sung before. Everyone was very impressed. Lucky for me, their understanding of Spanish was rustler than my interpretation.

It was a fun evening, and good to get back into the swing of things. I sand a few songs and danced a few dances and had a good Theme Song Thursday.