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Tuesday:) Toni’s Toxic Mental Meltdown

22 Mar

“ Spreading manure around in your fields helps your crops to grow. Spreading manure around in your world… just stinks.”

~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


I had a bit of a mental meltdown recently. I don’t claim to be an empath or psychic in any way, but like many sensitive people, it bothers me SO MUCH when people are nasty or inconsiderate. I generally hang out with positive upbeat people, but lately, the toxic comments, nasty cartoons, slander, and downright disrespectful attitude pushed me over the edge.

Remember, I have quoted my angel mother many times. “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say it at all.” Didn’t your mamma raise you that way? How are we raising our children in this atmosphere of hate, bipartisan anger, and total disrespect? Yes, we have freedom of speech, but does that give us the right to be cruel? You are also free to be kind.

I seriously believe the Devil or some nasty evil force is trying to divide our country and even our families, tearing us apart, slowly but surely. It seems like now, if someone doesn’t like your politics, your religion, or color of your skin, they think they have the right to harass you, ridicule and make fun of you, or even worse, to harm you. STOP IT! The best example I have is the constant bashing Biden or trashing Trump. Has Covid made everyone crazy? Even something as serious and deadly as Covid has torn our country apart. Vote for who you want, get vaccinated if you want, wear a mask or not, but don’t tell me I’m wrong.

I may not believe the same things as all my friends and family, but I still love them. You know why? Because, as strongly as I believe in my convictions, they believe in theirs. But, give the trash talk and nastiness a rest. It hurts my heart. Literally, it hurts my heart to see and hear all the hate.

I guess what threw me over the cliff was just one too many texts and instant messages with nasty hurtful crap. I just shut down. I decided to fast from food and crazy crap. I managed to fast for 36 hours, drinking just green tea. I watched fun tv and listened to positive podcast. I still go on Facebook because I love seeing the positive pictures and jokes and babies growing up and distant cousins and wonderful old friends. I just scrolled past or deleted the crap. Many of my friends don’t even know who I voted for or my stance on Covid, and some send me crap or post crap on Facebook, thinking I’m in their camp. Guess what? I don’t go to Crazy Camp! I just delete all that stuff.

So, after getting that all off my heavy heart, if you are still reading this, know one thing. I LOVE YOU! But just remember, I don’t do CRAZY!

Today, I had some lunch around 2. I hadn’t eaten since Sunday evening. And, to replenish my creative soul and feed my shopping fix, I went to The Dollar Tree to pick up some crafts and Easter stuff for our Towne Creek Visit this Friday. I love the Dollar Tree. They really need to change their sign to the Dollar and a Quarter Tree, but that’s their business, not mine. I still love them.

I found way too many things.

Well, even though I’m feeling a little better, I’m still going to slow down and distance my self from any and all negativity.