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Friday:) From My Window

16 Apr

From my window I can see

All the things I want to be.

Barren winter’s chill has fled

Roses grace my flower bed.

I long to be like that rose

Once asleep, now thrives and grows.

~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


The beautiful thriving rose bush outside my front window made me wax nostalgic about the season. Not just the seasons of the earth, but of our lives. Both are ever changing. We appreciate the colorful beauty of Spring after a harsh cold winter. 

I planted that knockout rose bush just a year ago. It came in a small black plastic container, and barely snuck up above the dirt when first planted. Now, in its second season, it’s strong and bold and more beautiful than before. (A metaphor. Perchance a metamorphosis.)

I cut a few of the roses from back behind the bush where no one gets to see or appreciate. I brought them into the house and placed them in different rooms to brighten my day. A reminder of sorts.