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Wednesday:) What’s Cookin’ Miss Toni?

28 Apr

“When I cook and bake, I love to share with friends and neighbors. You know what’s even better than than? When friends share with me.”

~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


Wow! I had a pretty busy and fun Wednesday. I started off with a beautiful morning and a wonderful breakfast. Then, off to my writing group over at the MillHouse. We had nine talented ladies today, and Melissa Cantu led us in some fun writing activities.

Afterwards, I stopped across the hall to visit Andrea Holmes, artist extraordinaire, in her studio.

She was working on this awesome painting. Her bird paintings are so beautiful, and her murals all over town are well known by all.

After that, I was on my way to my Spanish group when I got a call from our fearless leader, Ubaldo, saying he had to cancel. I’m not sure exactly why because I was driving and he was explaining in Spanish. 🤦‍♀️

Having a little time to kill, I stopped at the Hall Library and visited with an old friend.

This old grandpa has been sitting on this bench and reading to this little boy for many years. I decided to listen too. Then, I made a phone call to my daughter-in-law! Lindsay. Today is her birthday. I totally forgot to send a card. 🤦‍♀️ But, I did remember to call. Happy Birthday Lindsay.

Then, a stop to the thrift store. I’m always on the look out for the perfect unusual bowl for the next Empty Bowls Event. This year’s event is coming up in a couple of weeks. My silent auction bowl is already up to $400. Woo hoo. I didn’t find a bowl, but I did find a fee things that I really didn’t need.

The reason I was killing a little time is, my good friend Helene said that she made me a big pan of chicken enchiladas. She was going to drive way out of her way up to my house and drop them off after her appointment. I said that I could stop by and pick them up on my way home. Save her a long trip.

I forgot to take a picture of the big pan they came in. When I got home, I divided the huge pan into smaller containers to fit in my fridge. (You know my fridge! 🤦‍♀️ No room,) Yum, chicken enchiladas and Spanish rice and chips. You know what I’m having for dinner… for a few days.

Thank you Helene! All I ever make for you is cupcakes and brownies. I need to step it up.

Happy Wednesday, my friends.

Thoughtful Thankful Thursday:) Life is Good

1 Apr

“Take as a gift whatever the day brings forth.”- Horace


Today, I am thankful for many things. I am thankful for my family, friends, my dreams, talents, and my gifts.

One of my childhood dreams was to be an art teacher and artist. I was blessed to be able to teach art for a few years. I continue with my art six decades later. Another dream was to be a writer, so I always wrote stories and poems and journaled as long as I can remember. I still do, as you can see.

So, the other day, I was intrigued by a writing group that popped up on Facebook and was meeting at the MillHouse in downtown McKinney. I tried registering online, but I had trouble navigating the website to register. (I’m a writer, not a computer genius.🤦‍♀️) Therefore, I decided to show up in person to see if I could join the group.

Yesterday morning, I was shuffling through some ancient journals, folders, unfinished stories, and stacks of my writing. It was obvious that I had a lot to say but clearly never did anything with my words. I always said that I was going to write the “Great American Novel,” but never did. So, I grabbed a brand new notebook, a black pen, and took a leap of faith.

Just a smattering of my many pages, stories, poems, and the Great American Novel is in there somewhere. I belonged to a small writing group quite a few years back, but we disbanded when some ladies moved away. Those were good times.
My new writing friends at the MillHouse. (Missing one girl who left earlier)

Karen and Mellisa (on the left) facilitated the group, and we did some impromptu writing exercises and played fun writing games. Even though I was brand new to the group, they made me feel welcome, just like we were old friends. I have a feeling I found a place to make my dreams come true.

After our meeting, I had a little time before going over to the Cotter’s house for my weekly Charlatintos Spanish group. (More groups, Miss Toni?) I’m trying to work on my Spanish and our little group of four amigos has been enlightening.

As I wandered around the MillHouse, I found some old artist friends working in their studios.

Andrea Holmes is such a sweet, talented, and prolific artist. She was getting ready for one of her many art shows. She’s also famous for her awesome murals and window displays all over McKinney and nearby towns.
Lisa Temple is another talented artist and friend.
Then, I made a new friend. Robin Pedrero and I chatted a while. We probably have run into each other here and there, but never formerly introduced. New friend! 🤗

So, yesterday was a day of working on making dreams come true, making new friends and visiting old friends.

Then, to my delight, when I got home and checked my mailbox, there was a very sweet thank you note from the folks over at Towne Creek.

I am so thankful for all my blessings and it’s so nice to be thanked for the little things I do for others. It’s like a mutual admiration society with the world. I looked back at my journals today to see when I started volunteering doing art with the seniors at Towne Creek. I started in August of 2007. It’s been a while. Such blessings.

Happy Thoughtful Thankful Thursday, my friends.🤗