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Saturday Memories of My Sweet Mother

15 Feb

“I didn’t lose my mother. Heaven gained an angel. She is by my side every day.”

~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


It’s been two years since Mom went to heaven. I almost feel guilty that I am not mournful or distraught. I do have little tears trickling down as I reminisce, looking at old photos and remembering the good times, but I am happy because I know she’s in heaven. She sent us a sign, and I knew if anyone could do it, Mom could.

So today, I’ll go to Mass, light a candle and say a prayer, I’ll talk to Mom like I do every day, because I know she’s missing me too.


There’s another angel in heaven

Today her soul took wing

She’s up in heaven dancing

While the other angels sing

All were waiting for her

Their arms stretched open wide

To greet my angel mother

There on the other side.

~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis



Words cannot express the extreme sadness nor the joy that heaven has found a new angel.

Love you Mom. 😇


Thursday:) This Was Mom’s Birthday and It’s Also D-Day

7 Jun

“Even if we can’t celebrate your birthday today, I know you are celebrating with the other angels in heaven.”

~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


Today would have been Mom’s 92nd birthday. It’s sad that she’s gone, but we did have 90 1/2 wonderful years with this beautiful lady. That was truly a blessing. I’m smiling thinking that she’s up in heaven having her favorite strawberry ice cream and birthday cake, AND she’s not worrying about the calories any more. My angel mother.

Miss you Mom. Save me some frosting. You always ate the cake part and saved me the frosting. ❤️

Mom also shared her birthday with D-Day. Both very important days to remember.

US soldiers wade through surf and German gunfire to secure a beachhead during the Allied Invasion, on the beaches of Normandy. (Photo: US ARMY via EPA-EFE)

On June 6, 1944, more than 160,000 Allied troops landed along a 50-mile stretch of heavily-fortified French coastline, to fight Nazi Germany on the beaches of Normandy, France. Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower called the operation a crusade in which, “we will accept nothing less than full victory.” More than 5,000 Ships and 13,000 aircraft supported the D-Day invasion, and by day’s end, the Allies gained a foot-hold in Continental Europe. The cost in lives on D-Day was high. More than 9,000 Allied Soldiers were killed or wounded, but their sacrifice allowed more than 100,000 Soldiers to begin the slow, hard slog across Europe, to defeat Adolf Hitler’s crack troops.

Thursday:) This is Worth Repeating

21 Feb

“A beautiful story must be shared over and over again.”

~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


When I checked my Facebook page this morning, this memory from last year came up. Everyone I share this story with gets goosebumps when they hear it. So, I’m sharing it again today. It’s beautiful. Only angels can send these signs…

Pennies From Heaven:) A True Story About An Angel



If you don’t believe in angels

I’m here to say it’s true

There are angels up in heaven

They’re watching over you,

So, I asked my angel mother

I whispered in her ear

When you get up there in heaven

Please show us you are near.

If only you could send a sign

As only angels can

We will know you’re safe in heaven

And that you have a plan.

To watch and guard us every day

You’ll guide us from above

So, you left two lucky pennies

Beneath your painting, signed with love.

~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


This is a true story of faith and love and angels. As my sweet mother grew weaker and less alert, my sister and I would talk to her and sing to her. I prayed the rosary out loud to comfort Mom during her final days. One of the last things I whispered in her ear was, “Please Mom, when you get up to heaven, could you show us a sign that you’re OK, that there really is a heaven? I know if anyone could do it, you could. I know you’ll always be my guardian angel.”

We’ve done a lot of crying since Mom passed away last week, but today, the crying was a celebration. Mom left us a sign. Those of you who know me, you already know that I believe in lucky pennies. They always appear out of nowhere when I need them most. I always look up to heaven and say, “Thank you.”

This afternoon, my sister and I went out for some lunch. We’ve spent days and days sorting and reminiscing and making arrangements and crying, It’s been a whirlwind, so it was good to get out of the house for a little while. My sister said, “Let’s go to the library so I can vote. They have early voting, and we can return Mom’s audio-books.”

Well, early voting hadn’t started yet, so we just returned the books and got a bit teary-eyed, because Mom loved the library and all the people. She had donated her very large “Cinco de Mayo” painting to the library several years ago. It takes up an entire wall on the second floor. When I asked my sister if she needed any books or videos while we were there, she said, “Not really, let’s just go home.” Then I said, “Should we go upstairs and see Mom’s mural before we go?” Of course, we needed to do that.

The elevator opened and we walked ever so slowly towards the mural.

There on the bench, right beneath her painting, were two lucky pennies from heaven. We both burst into tears as I blurted out, “Here’s our sign. I asked Mom to send us a sign. Here it is! Two pennies, not just one. What are the chances that they would be here waiting for us today, right beneath her painting?”

I hadn’t told my sister the story about asking Mom to send us a sign right before she passed away, until that moment. If she didn’t believe in angels before, I’m pretty sure she does now. We both knew Mom was an angel here on earth, but now, we both know that she’s up in heaven. She gave us a sign.

Thanks Mom.

What does “Pennies from Heaven” mean?

You might have come across this phrase “pennies from heaven?” It’s meaning is not as simple as it sounds. Thinking about it just means pennies being tossed down from the heaven, which has no significant meaning. But, let me enlighten you about the true meaning of this phrase. Pennies from heaven indicate the occasion when angels miss you and therefore, toss down a penny from the heaven that you receive. That penny signifies the fact that some angel in heaven is missing you and therefore wants to communicate with you.

Spiritual meaning of finding pennies

We all are aware of the fact that numbers are attached with a significant spiritual meaning but, have you ever wondered that pennies might have spiritual meaning attached to them too? If not, you will know soon.

The spiritual meaning of finding pennies from heaven is that there is more to this world than what meets the eye. It is a sign from the Heaven and our loved ones who have passed away. The sign indicates that there is magic in the world we live in, and those that have passed away are watching over us in a spiritual way; it’s their way of showing love and reminding you that they still are a part of your life.

(From Blog of the Angels)

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Friday:) Forever Memories of Mom

15 Feb

“It seemed like forever ago, like we’ve had this brief but still infinite forever. Some infinities are bigger than other infinities.”

― John Green


It was one year ago today that we said goodbye to our angel mother. My memories of this beautiful lady will last forever. I feel blessed that my sister and I were there to hold her hand, just as she always was there for us, every day, every minute.

This is a bitter-sweet day. Mostly sweet, because Mom lived over 90 years, bringing joy and giving love to everyone she knew. The bitter is not being able to talk to her every day and hear her joyful voice and hear her silly laugh.

This morning I went to Mass and Adoration and thanked God for giving me the most amazing mother in the world. I felt her presence and love when I lit the candles beneath the painting of Mary Our Mother.

There will never be a more wonderful mother in the world, and I only hope that her love and guidance will help me to be a good mother, grand-mother, sister, and friend. I love you Mom. I miss you every day. ❤️

Now, those are beautiful memories.

Montage Monday:) A Mother’s Week In A Peek

10 May

Mothers are all slightly insane.” ― J.D. Salinger, The Catcher in the Rye


I had a good Mother’s Day, being remembered by my two great sons, with flowers and phone calls.  Earlier in the  week, I had a quick chat with my new daughter-in-law, and on Friday, I spent a great afternoon with my senior artist friends, painting scarves and having snacks. 

A good week, filled with friends, fun and blessings. You can’t ask for more than that.

And yes, Mothers are all slightly insane, as Mr. Salinger kindly pointed out.

A week in a peek.


Saturday With Someone Special

21 Jun

If I could give you one thing in life, I would give you the ability to see yourself through my eyes. Only then would you realize how special you are to me.Unknown


I have been so blessed all my life to have the most wonderful mother in the whole world. Really, she is! Now, I’m really lucky because I’ve been able to spend south time together. 

She always says that I am her sunshine, but she shines brighter than the sun. Many people would attest to that. To know  Trini is to love her. 

So , another Saturday with someone special. If she could only see how I see her through my eyes. But, I think she has an idea. We are like two peas in a pod.  



Tuesday With Trini

9 Jun

“I’m blessed and I couldn’t be more grateful. Do you want to know why? Because I’m a mother, but that’s only half of it. I’m blessed because, when I need to, I can still just be a daughter. I get the feeling that there is nothing more precious than to have both of these roles, simultaneously.” ― Adrianna Stepiano


Yes, I am blessed twiced. I am the mother of two wonderful sons, and I am the daughter of the sweetest mother in the world. Unconditional love is received and given when you are lucky enough to wear both hats. 

My mom doesn’t live close by, so when we get to spend time together , every minute is a celebration. Her bright eyes and loving spirit could melt anyone ‘s heart. 

This was my welcome, open arms, hugs and kisses. Happy Biryhday ,  Mom!

My best friend Lin , loves Mom and considers her part of her family too, always bringing gifts and/ or flowers. 

Every year on her birthday, my other best friend Debbie gives Mom a box of candy called Trinidads. Her full name is Trinidad. Isn’t that a ” sweet ” tradition? I have the greatest friends and they all love Mom. 


I am twice blessed!


My Sweet Mother
I have the sweetest mother

And for this I’m doubly blessed

From the moment I was born 

And I lay upon her chest.

She held me in her arms

And kissed the tears away

I learned from her example

And she  taught me how to pray. 

As protective as a lion

Yet as gentle as a lamb

The light that guides my footsteps

That is why I’m who I am.

Love you Mom

~ Toni Armenta Andrukaitis 

Oil painting I did of Mom years ago. 


My favorite picture of us. We always are laughing and being silly. Now, you know where I get that from. 

Montage Monday: Missing My Mommy

31 Mar
Adrienne Trupiano

“I’m blessed and I couldn’t be more grateful. Do you want to know why? Because I’m a mother, but that’s only half of it. I’m blessed because, when I need to, I can still just be a daughter. I get the feeling that there is nothing more precious than to have both of these roles, simultaneously.” 
― Adrienne Trupiano
Short and sweet…a week in a peek…with my sweet Mom. Love ya Mommo! 



Fridays Are For Picnics

28 Mar

A picnic is more than eating a meal, it is a pleasurable sate of mind.” 

― DeeDee Stovel


It was a nice sunny day. Perhaps a little cooler than a perfect picnic day, but the sun was shining. We bundled Mom up and walked to the park. Fortunately for me, there’s a  little park is about twenty steps outside my front door. I grabbed a couple of chairs, some hot chocolate, and a piece of strawberry whipped cream cake. We had a book on tape to listen to, and enjoyed the fresh air for a while.



We’ve been sharing a lot of meals, laughter and quality time. Nothing beats a picnic in the park with the greatest mom in the world. “It’s a pleasurable state of mind.”


Tuesday Time With Special Friends

25 Mar

Since there is nothing so well worth having as friends, never lose a chance to make them. ~Francesco Guicciardini


Part two of “Meet Da Mamma” from Monday. We cleaned, cooked and baked for our gathering. I invited a few dear friends to stop by to meet my mom who was visiting from Chicago. It was an open house, so I didn’t get a chance to take a lot of pictures of friends coming and going. Plus, I was so busy socializing, I plum forgot.

One of my favorite things to make is my bunny cupcake made with marshmallow Peeps. They are so cute. I don’t think anyone actually ate any here, but everyone took some home to enjoy later or share with spouses or grandkids.



Aren’t they cute? They are little mini cupcakes, chocolate with a cherry from cherry pie filling inside and homemade cream cheese frosting. Yum!


Thanks for the visit, girls. Also a big thank you to all my other friends not in the photo. Mom enjoyed meeting all of you, or “y’all” as we say here in Texas. Love you guys!


Oh yes, there were lots of brownies!!! But, more on that tomorrow…