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Wednesday:) Why, What a Wonderful Watercolor Miss Toni…Why, Thank You!

1 Jun

“Painting is just another way of keeping a diary.” ― Pablo Picasso


Not only do I keep a daily diary and take a zillion pictures and write a daily blog, but sometimes I take a special photo and attempt a painting. Sometimes I write a poem to go along with a photo. Sometimes I do both.

My trip to Santa Fe was filled with inspirational sights and sounds, magical vistas, beautiful buildings, magnificent museums, and charming people. These were a couple  of my favorite photos of the distant mountains. The layers of misty color were fabulous, begging to be a watercolor.

I enjoyed playing with the blank white paper until it rendered a happy likeness.

The clouds are fun. Some wet blue paint and a few dabs of a soft Kleenex tissue, voila! Clouds. (Don’t I have a messy palette?)

The first few layers of mountains.

This is what I caught a glimpse of…