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Theme Song Thursday:) CELEBRATE

8 Jan

“Documenting little details of your everyday life becomes a celebration of who you are.” 

― Carolyn V. Hamilton


Seeing as I already document every little detail of my everyday life, I guess it becomes a celebration of who I am. And you know what I am? I AM LOVED! I even have a bracelet that says so.

My daughter-in-law picked this out for me. (I just love saying daughter-in-law. It’s only been 6 months.) She is so sweet.

Today, I had the pleasure of celebrating my birthday with some of my girlfriends. We went on a field trip to Van Alstyne, had lunch at The Whistle Stop Cafe, and walked around to the various shops. I ate too much, received too many lovely gifts, laughed too much, and purchased too many nonessential items. But HEY, I was celebrating my “29th” birthday! Oops, a couple of those and more.

My birthday isn’t for a few days, but what I love about having so many friends is, I get to celebrate MANY, MANY times. Pretty much all of January.

Lots of presents to open. I’d show them all, but that would take all day. A beautiful vintage whiteware bowl to add to my collection, the heart locket necklace I’m wearing, hand-made soap, stationary, fine markers, a bracelet, a cute plaque, and little cakes, and I’m sure I forgot a few things. Then, Karen bought my lunch, and Sherry gave me tickets and invited me to join her at the rodeo in Fort Worth. I am one lucky Texas girl! 

Sherry and I are going to the rodeo, yee-haw!

We saw this  adorable dog that was dyed these colors. That’s not a costume or clothing. That’s  his real fur, dyed with a natural plant-based dye. So funny!

…AND CELEBRATED OFTEN! Fortunately, I get to celebrate often.

Some very special friends! A very special celebration!