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Friday:) Friends and Fun Times With the Texas Bluesmen Band

21 Sep

“You know we are big fans because we drove an hour and a half in crazy Dallas rush hour traffic to see the Texas Bluesmen Band.”

~ Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


The gals planned a road trip into Dallas yesterday to go and listen to our good friends Paul and Justin perform at the Neon Cowboy. The guys are our regular DJs, or properly called KJ’s, from Daleney’s Irish Pub on our regular Thursday night karaoke. So, we carpooled in two cars and braved the Dallas rush hour traffic. Did you know that use of turn signals and speed limits in Texas is strictly optional? (Not really, but seems that way. Glad I wasn’t driving.)

We arrived safe and sound, and got there early enough to chat, eat, take pictures, and visit before the performance.

The guys were awesome. If you’re familiar with the movie, THE BLUES BROTHERS? Then, you know how much fun we had. And I’ve said this before, if you haven’t seen the movie before, or it’s been a while, rent it, or Netflix or whatever folks are doing these days. It’s a classic. And tell them you’re on a mission from God and it’s for the Penguin.

Happy Friday, my friends. Now, time for my Black Russian. It’s been a long day.