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Another Frivolous Friday: I Watch Too Much TV

16 Feb

I confess, I watch way too much TV. How about you? It’s not always that I’m watching TV, sometimes it’s just background noise while I do other things. Like right now, I’m watching, or should I say, listening to recorded episodes of “Jeopardy” while thinking of what to write for today’s blog. I’m not sure how much I actually hear, but I did guess the correct answers to a bunch of questions. “What is MoMa, Museum of Modern Art, Alex?” I knew that one! I guess a lot and shout out my answer, but then, I’m not wagering real money, so it doesn’t much matter.

The nice thing about a DVR is, it records countless, mindless TV episodes that I can watch later at my leisure. When I got up in this morning, I watched four episodes of Dr. Oz in less than an hour by fast forwarding past commercials and zipping through the dumb visuals of plastic poop and simulated green slime mucus. Then, I saw two recordings of Ultra Eye featuring the New York art scene and the other, the beauty that is Rome. Again, less than an hour.

I called Mom around 9 am, while sliding by several HGTV shows. Then a cup of tea saw me through the recordings of “Suits,” and “Person of Interest.” The day continued like that, emptying the dishwasher and making pasta salad while listening to Fox 4 News at 12. Maybe that’s why my head is so full of useless trivia and insignificant information. I probably can pack fifty hours of vital television viewing into an eight hour day of zombie watching. Yep, I watch way too much TV. Thank goodness I’m done writing this blog because “Blue Bloods” is on in ten minutes and I haven’t even had dinner yet.




Theme Song Thursday

8 Feb

My theme for this Thursday is friends. Today, we celebrated the birthday of our dear friend, Carolyn. She says she’s 29, but we all know better. I’m pretty sure she’s over 30, seeing as she’s a grandma. But, we are all young girls when it comes to friendship and birthdays.

We met at our favorite coffee/sandwich shop in McKinney, SNUG on the Square for her birthday celebration. It was a glorious, sun-shining day. Good friends, good food, and lots of presents. Doesn’t get better than that. The FRIENDS television show theme song came to mind…

Theme song from FRIENDS…

So no one told you life was gonna be this way
(clap clap clap clap)
Your job’s a joke, you’re broke, your love life’s D.O.A.
It’s like you’re always stuck in second gear
When it hasn’t been your day, your week, your month, or even your year
I’ll be there for you (when the rain starts to pour)
I’ll be there for you (like I’ve been there before)
I’ll be there for you (because you’re there for me too)

Friends may come and friends may go
This fact is sad, but true
The ones that stay are best to know
I’m glad this friend is you.

Toni Andrukaitis




Saturday Salutations: Growing Old

2 Feb


There’s nothing pretty about growing old, or is there? There is no actual growing involved, but rather, a lot of shrinking, sagging, and deterioration. We may have pins in places and saggy faces, but the one thing we do have control over is our disposition. We can choose to be happy or decide to be miserable. I choose happy.

This morning, I called my sweet mother, as I do every morning and said, “Mom, when you get old, don’t ever get crabby!” She cheerfully agreed. Mom is eighty-five years old, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen her crabby, angry or mean spirited a single day in her life. Needless to say, she was a bit curious. I shared with her a few examples of some run-ins I’ve had with a group of cranky seniors who have nothing better to do than snarl at people, especially if others are having fun, laughing, or loud with merriment.

What causes people to act that way? There’s the stereotypical cartoon with the old person waving a wooden cane, and shouting, “Get off my lawn.” Are they so unhappy with their lives that they can’t stand to see people enjoying themselves? It’s not just seniors. I’m sure you know a few people who have a permanent scowl on their face. What’s with that?

I’ve actually gone out of my way to smile and make pleasant small talk with people I’ve run across with aforementioned affliction. Amazingly enough, I have gotten some very nice smiles and conversations in return. Maybe they were just having a bad day, and all they needed was a kind word to cheer them up. But, it doesn’t always work. All you can do is try.

I told Mom, “When I grow up, (I’m only sixty), I want to be just like YOU.” Even if I’m falling apart on the outside, I want to be shiny-new and young on the inside. So, if you ever see me with a scowl on my face, don’t worry. It’s probably just gas, and that too will “pass”.


Wednesday Web

31 Jan

Oh what a Zentangled web we weave, when first we practice to…Zentangle. If you haven’t heard of Zentangle, don’t feel bad, most people, especially non-art people haven’t either. To sum it up, Zentangle is glorified doodling. No special talent or fancy tools are required. The only things required to get started are a fine line permanent marker, paper, an open mind and a little time. There are many websites, blogs, books and videos available to help you along the way if you want to get more involved, but it’s not necessary.

Today, the lovely TOTS, Table Of Talent Sisters met for a Zentangle mini-workshop guided by our girlfriend, Sherry. She gave us a few pointers, passed around a book and some sample pages, and after a couple hours, we were all “Zen masters.” Shapes, repetitive lines and patterns became beautiful works of art. If you like to doodle, look into it. You’ll love it!

Here’s my first attempt.


This is Sherry, our talented instructor and girlfriend.


More Monday Manners: What ticks you off?

29 Jan

There are no hard and fast written rules for manners. We learn from our elders, parents, teachers, and friends. But, what about those idiots who wouldn’t know kindness if it came up and smacked them upside the head with a two-by-four? Were they raised on Mars?

Example one: I went to the post office today to mail three big packages. An elderly woman walked in behind me after parking in the handicapped spot. She waddled over to get an envelope from the wall and proceeded to fill it out at the side counter. By the time she finished, there were four people in line, so she waddled to the end of the line. I was next to be waited on, so I looked back and said, “Mam, you go ahead. You only have one item.” Her eyes lit up and she shuffled forward and thanked the others in line. That is just common courtesy and respect for our elders. I’m hoping to teach by example.

Example two: While I was driving home, I was in the right lane. I could have made a right turn on red, but NOOO! The car in the middle lane on my left, had inched up so close to the intersection, that I couldn’t see oncoming traffic. He couldn’t go, but he made it impossible for me to turn. I usually hang back when I’m in that situation.Then, don’t even get me started about those Pac-Man drivers that zig and zag in traffic, with less than a cars length, they cut in front of you and you are forced to slam on the brakes. Then, ten minutes later, they end up right next to you again. Manners dissuade you from displaying a particular digital acknowledgement.

Example three: I have found that most drivers in the state of Texas believe that turn signals, stop signs and red lights are totally optional. I once asked the mechanic at the car dealership if turn signals were removed before shipping new cars to the state of Texas. Then, there’s the four-way stop etiquette. The rule is…stop quickly for a mili-second, then step on the gas. It doesn’t matter that three other drivers were stopped before them. No common courtesy on the road.

Example four: But, on the other hand, when a woman walks toward a door, men will open the door for her, tip their hats, or help her lift a heavy bag when a woman is struggling in the Walmart parking lot with a twenty pound bag of dog food. Here in Texas, they say, “Yes mam and no sir.” The only thing I can’t figure out is why the huge discrepancy. Perhaps, there are different rules for manners on road than there are for kindness to the elderly and women. Oh yes, it seems that the older or the prettier the woman is, the kinder and more helpful the man is. That’s just universal.


Forgetful Friday

26 Jan


Did you enjoy my blog on Friday? Of course not! I forgot to post it! I’m such a space queen, or perhaps it’s old age or sensory overload. Either way, I was so busy replying to emails, commenting on blogs and posting pictures on Facebook, that I plum forgot to post my blog.

Friday was such a cool day, too. I ran a bunch of errands, stopped at Papa Murphy’s to pick up our traditional Friday night pizza for after art class. I had my shopping cart parked outside the window at Papa Murphy’s, and I stopped to take a picture of Miss Karri and Justin, who prepared my pizza. I told them, “You never know when I might need a picture for my blog.” When I walked outside, my cart was being rescued from the middle of the parking lot by a young Albertson’s employee. I guess my cart got tired of waiting for me, and was heading over to my car by itself.

When I returned home, I unpacked the groceries and packed up my car for my senior art class over at Towne Creek. Everyone was excited because we were going to paint glass bowls for the February Empty Bowls fundraiser at St. Peter’s Church in McKinney. We had a few people still sick, so the group was small. A couple teenagers and their little sister were visiting with their grandma in the hallway, and they popped into the activity room to see what we were doing. Well, to make a short story long, we invited them to join us. Their grandma and mother sat and visited while the girls painted. They loved the fact that the bowls would be given to attendees of the fundraiser for their $20 contribution to help feed the hungry and less fortunate.

The bowls turned out great, everyone had fun painting, and the group learned new painting techniques. The grandmother, Patricia, who had just visited with us and didn’t want to paint, was so moved by our gesture, that she insisted that I accept $10. She knew that I supplied all the materials, paints and snacks every week, and she wanted to show her appreciation for what we do. After a long argument, I graciously accepted her donation, but told her that I was going to buy more bowls with her contribution, and hopefully next week she would join us. These senior residents have very little money, so $10 was a huge gift. I was humbled by her generosity.

I always tell everyone that they are welcome to join us. When you share the gift of art, you share the gift of friendship. I have made the most wonderful friendships that will last a lifetime.








24 Jan

Today was a sultry summer-like day with sunshine and temps in the 70s. The thing is, it’s the middle of January. What’s going on! I know it’s Texas, but this is unseasonably awesome! After sitting in the house most of the day, doing mundane chores, washing clothes, cleaning the kitchen, etc., I was feeling guilty that I hadn’t even poked my head outside, except to take out the garbage cans.

For the past couple years, my daily routine used to include walking the dog for about an hour. Rain or shine, we were out there. But, ever since we got the puppy, life has been too hectic. Poor old Prince looks at me with longing every afternoon. Whenever I put on my tennis shoes, he whimpers with anticipation, but little Buck is a nut case, and there’s no way I can take them both for a walk. Prince and I have both put on a few pounds since the little guy has come to live with us.

Did I say little guy? The nine month old pup is now bigger and taller than his older counterpart, and that’s pretty big. By 4 pm, the sunshine was beckoning me, and I couldn’t stand it any more. I decided to take the pup out for his first ever walk on a leash. The tricky part was sneaking out the backyard gate while Prince was napping in the house.

Buck enjoyed the leash. He enjoyed chewing on the leash, grabbing at it, and trying to pull it out of my hand. He had never been in the front yard before, so every bush and shrub was enticing. Everything was new and exciting. I decided that we would only practice walking past a few houses on the block. We were doing great until all the neighborhood dogs decided to greet us from their backyard fences. Buck jumped a mile, returning his most ferocious bark.

Poor old Prince heard his little protege barking from inside the house. Now, he was inside barking like crazy, and Buck was outside barking his brains out. That was the end of “out with the new dog and in with the old dog.”


Taco Tuesday

23 Jan


There are two words that can bring delight to my heart, and they are…Taco Tuesday! I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed when it comes to texting, but when I hear that little “ping” and my friend, Karen, sends a text that only reads…Taco Tuesday, with a question mark, I’m quick on the draw with a two letter reply..O and K.

The food at Rosa’s Cafe in McKinney isn’t out of this world fantastic, but it is pretty good, and the three taco platter is so darn cheap, I couldn’t make it at home for the price.(Under $4 on Tuesday) Believe me, I should know. I’ve been making delicious homemade tacos since I was a little señorita.

But, it isn’t just the food, colorful decor, and authentic ambiance that entices me. I thoroughly enjoy an impromptu lunch invitation from a friend. It means we get to sit for a couple hours jabbering about our week, complaining about our husbands, and extolling the praises of our now grown children. Funny how, as the children get older and move out of the house, they tend to become so wonderful and accomplished, and when the husbands are around all the time, they tend to lose their glowing status and credibility. I guess we just need something to complain about.

The point I’m trying to make is, friendships are special, and Girlfriends are extra special. So if you have the opportunity to make someone’s day with a note, a call, or an impromptu lunch, JUST DO IT! And to quote Carly Rae Jepsen…”Here’s my number. Call me maybe!”


Monday Manners

22 Jan

Who would have thought that good manners or proper etiquette would be the exception rather than the rule? It appears that being polite may often attract more attention than rudeness.

Case in point: My husband and I often have the opportunity to catch a movie during the week. The theater is usually quite empty in the afternoon, so we never have to wait in line to purchase tickets or popcorn. I wouldn’t say that we go often, but probably twice a month. So, I was very amazed when the young man at the counter asked, “You guys are in here a lot, aren’t you?”

I responded, “Well, I guess so. Why do you ask?”

He smiled and said, “I remember you. You’re always so polite.”

Then, I realized that whenever I ask for something or place an order, even at a fast-food restaurant, I always say, “May I have the…(whatever I am ordering)?” Inadvertently, I am always the recipient of a big smile and the response of, “Yes, you MAY.”

It’s funny, I never noticed this until the young man commented on my manners. He obviously wasn’t used to it. How sad! I decided to pay closer attention to other customers and their manners. Oh my, was I shocked and disappointed, to say the least.

Examples: 1. Gimme the number three. 2. I need a large decaf, extra cream. 3. I’ll take a pound of the smoked turkey, sliced thin. The list goes on and on. I don’t think I ever heard the words “May I.”

Doesn’t anyone say, “May I,” anymore? My mother insisted that her children always asked with “May I,” and NEVER, “Can I.” We were never allowed to ask for something to eat or drink when visiting family or friends. We had to wait to be offered refreshments. I still remember the old, “Children should be seen and not heard,” drummed into our heads. Etiquette and manners were mandatory.

Hopefully, this age of high-speed informality, and digitally driven rudeness will not prevail. May I make a suggestion? Let’s all remember our manners out there folks!


Sanctimonious Sunday

21 Jan

SWS is a very serious affliction plaguing the country this time of year, especially on Sundays. It’s not Swine Flu or any other form of influenza. No, it’s Sports Widow Syndrome, and it has hit all time epidemic proportions. Severe and debilitating side-effects may include charge card trigger finger, excessive chocolate consumption, red wine whining, shortness of breath, and depression with occasional thoughts of manslaughter.

If you experience any of these symptoms, call a girlfriend or female family member immediately. Do not attempt to drive while under the influence of a three margarita lunch, a shopping frenzy at the mall, or if chocolate overdose is suspected. Notify your sister or a neighbor as soon as possible if you start sharpening all the kitchen knives and meat cleavers or start frantically scouring the drawers for the gun safe key.

Remember that Sunday is a sacred day. It’s a time for prayer, meditation, and reflection. If fourteen hours of consecutive pre-game, post-game, regulation and over-time madness is just too much to handle, hopefully there is another television somewhere in the house. Make some microwave popcorn and settle in with the Hallmark or Lifetime Channel. It certainly beats life in prison. But then again, they don’t have televised football, basketball, baseball or hockey in maximum security.