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Sentimental Saturday:) A Journey In Black and White

13 Sep

“Old photographs can tell a story that you will never know.”

~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


It was a lazy Saturday. I had the greatest of intentions, but procrastination and lethargy got the best of me. While I was trying to nap, I looked up at the wall that has just a couple of family photos displayed. I’ve been meaning to frame and hang dozens more, but that procrastination thing is a strong and powerful force. I did get as far as looking through dozens of old photos and taking pictures of them so I could make some prints someday… when the lethargy passes.

I was entrusted with Mom’s old photos that were all mixed up in albums and envelopes, ranging from her family and childhood to her grandkids. I spent so much time looking and conjuring up stories in my head about people and places and things that I will never know. Mom never shared many stories with her daughters, so I’ll never know the real truth. Perhaps that’s what she wanted in the first place. The stories I’ll make up in my head will be happy and beautiful. I’m sure the Depression and WWII were not the best of times.

Reminiscing… some photos from before I was even born… (and that was a long time ago.)

Oh, the stories they could tell…