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Saturday:) Spectacular Quarantined Studio Tour

24 May

“Let me tell you the secret that has led me to my goals: my strength lies solely in my tenacity.”

— Louis Pasteur


If you recall, several weeks ago, I bought and assembled some new shelves with the intention of organizing my “Crap Room.” I gave myself a challenge to work a minimum of one hour and maximum of four hours a day. I think I spent more time reminiscing than I did organizing. I found artworks dating back to my college days. I think they can be considered antiques. It was a slow, tedious, but very rewarding project.


Welcome to my newly organized and inventoried STUDIO… Here’s the tour…


Isn’t it grand! Toni’s Tenacity prevails.

Tuesday:) Toni’s Tedious Tip of the Day

29 Apr

“For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned.”

~Benjamin Franklin


Here’s my organizing tip of the day… Before you tackle a huge organizing project, make sure you have an unlimited amount of time to commit. Guess what folks, I have an unlimited amount of time on my hands.

I’ve been working on organizing my “crap room” upstairs for a couple of weeks. To be honest, it looks worse than when I started, because I’m literally pulling everything apart and going through every box and bin and bag. Oh yes, I’m also busy admiring every painting, sketch, drawing, photo, and craft while I’m shuffling things around. (Believe me, it’s a lot worse than it looks.)

What I didn’t expect was to spend about an hour just sorting one bin of paint brushes. Did you know that those little throw away foam brushes actually disintegrate after a couple of years? Yes, they do, and they make a big dusty mess.

Remember this mess because this room will be so organized somewhere around Christmas, if I’m really diligent. Maybe not this Christmas, maybe next year.

“For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned.” If this is true, by the time I’m done, I will have earned about 20 years. Wish me luck.

And for a pleasant surprise at the end of my day, my friend Karen stopped by and left a bouquet of sunflowers on my front porch. Yes, I’m very blessed.

Theme Song Thursday:) Get Your Act Tohether

30 Jun

“Clutter is the physical manifestation of unmade decisions fueled by procrastination” ― Christina Scalise, Organize Your Life and More


Wow! In August, it will be three years in my new house. The inside is pretty much settled, but I wouldn’t say perfect. I haven’t really hung up any of my artwork and paintings. The problem is there is just too much to pick from. I literally have hundreds of watercolors, acrylic, oils, mixed media paintings lying around or stacked up. It’s my own work, but I just can’t make decisions.

Now, the garage is another story. When I moved in August 23, 2014, (which is a whole new amazing story in itself) the movers set up the shelves in my garage and were kind enough to fill all the shelves for me. The problem is, I had no idea what was in all the boxes and bins. 

Today, my friend Jim said he would help me tackle the debacle that was in my garage. There was no rhyme or reason to any of it. I needed to get my act together. An example of the goofy stuff in my garage…a bin of Old Comiskey Park bricks from the old ball park when they tore it down, tools, three battery chargers, two air compressors, painting supplies, and hundreds of other buzzard items. All these were left for me to sort through when the EX left. All his stuff that he didn’t feel like dealing with, and I didn’t have time to sort through. I threw it all in boxes, packed it up and moved it to my new house. I also have bins and bins of sentimental toys and baby things from my sons. Can’t part with those. Then, don’t even start with my crafts and glassware and picture frames. Yikes!

We spent a good seven hours tackling the garage, without rest, a few sips of water, and no food all day. By 7p.m., we made a big dent in the organizing. Jim did all the heavy lifting and toting, and I sorted and made piles to donate or toss. The once over stuffed shelves now are organized, labeled and there are even a couple of empty spots.


Not only did my valiant helper work his butt off, he took me to dinner when we finished. Afterwards we stopped at Lowes, and he bought me a tool box, a saw, a new drill, (I didn’t have one) and a bunch of other necessary tools that every home should have.

Look at me all organized and professional! Don’t I have the best friends ever?

Tuesday:) Toni’s Artist Tip of the Day

29 Mar

“What’s the use of having a great idea if you don’t share it with the world?”

~ Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


I’m trying to get my “crap room,” formerly known as my craft room reporganized again. I made a huge mess at Christmas time while painting a zillion ornaments, boxes, wine glasses, vases and other gifts. Glitter and litter everywhere. Also, I was teaching a few classes, so I’d pull out paints, brushes, glassware and stuff, and never really put it away because, well…I’d just have to find it and pull it out again. So the room was a disaster.

So yesterday, I decided that if I spend an hour or two a day working on cleaning up and organizing, that perhaps I might get done by Christmas. Then, the mayhem would start again. A vicious visual nightmare. Creative chaos! That’s what artists thrive on. At least this one.

I spent a good forty-five minutes just organizing my paint brushes, when you teach classes, you need a good variety of different size brushes for a lot of people. I love my paint brush organizing system. Being a tennis player…well, haven’t played in a few years…I always kept my empty tennis ball cans. (I don’t throw anything a way~repurpose,) Also, I would ask coach Dave or Coach Luis to save a few cases of empty cans. They were happy to see them go to good use instead of the landfill. The filmy Wilson labels come off with just a quick slit, and the clear containers are perfect for storage. I shared the idea and the cans with my senior artist friends, and other teachers, etc.

The tennis ball cans are the perfect size for most brushes, and a quick label can organize sizes. They could be used for many other things. Think about it…small kid’s toys, Leggos, buttons, nails, screws, just about any small things. I’ve put loose change in them. Once, I filled up three cans and took them to the bank and had over $200. Cool!

Then, where do you put all those containers, Miss Toni? Well, I’m glad you asked. Because I paint wine glasses, I often save a few empty boxes for storage of small delicate items, or I cut off the lids and use them to store the tennis ball containers.

The clear plastic allows you to see what’s inside at a glance. I know, you’re already thinking what you would use them for, aren’t you? And the best part…IT’S FREE!!!!