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Sit Back and Relax Sunday: Watching The Oscars

25 Feb

While most of the country is sitting back and watching the Oscars, I’m taking a few moments (only during commercials, of course) to share my favorite Black Russian cocktail recipe with you. Well, never mind. Not waiting for commercials anymore. Half an hour into the Oscars, the jokes, musical number about boobs, and making out with the flying nun, I’m already pretty disappointed.

Anyway, my favorite alcoholic beverage is a Black Russian. But, the way I make it, it’s more like a dessert. Also, if you enjoy it, just ask your favorite bartender to make one up special for you. Remember folks…Drink responsibly. My hand up to God, I NEVER drink and drive.

Because I don’t measure, use recipes, or follow directions, I use my own measurements and terms.
Note: Glug- a Glug is the sound that the liquor bottle makes when you are pouring. Take a listen, it does go Glug, Glug, Glug.

Toni’s Blockbuster Black Russian

1 cocktail glass of your choice (the bigger, the better)
2 scoops of your favorite chocolate ice cream (I like rocky road, the almonds are rich in vitamin E and loaded with fiber, adding the nutritional benefits.)
3 glugs of KahlĂșa
3 glugs of Vodka
Add a a little stirrer straw to mix, sip, and enjoy.