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Saturday:) Something Special

23 Jun

“I usually don’t just give a gift. I try to make something special that comes from my hands and my heart.”

~ Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


Last Monday was Jerry’s birthday, and I wanted to paint a couple of martini glasses for him. He collects martini glasses. But, to come up with something special and not girlie. I like to paint roses and bluebonnets. He also collects African art, so I researched some African art paintings and found just the right thing.

The variegated background and trees were easy, but that darn little giraffe was a bit tricky. But they came out ok.

I presented Jerry with his gift on Monday night when our Single Mingle group met for dinner. Miss Pat baked 3 pecan pies for the occasion,

Jerry appreciated the fuss for his birthday. When he got home, he proudly displayed his gift. I didn’t realize how perfectly it matched his decor.

A special gift for a special friend. Homemade is always the best.

Sittin’ Around Sunday: Another Lazy Day

20 May

Any man who reads too much and uses his own brain too little falls into lazy habits of thinking.
Albert Einstein

Thank goodness Mr. Einstein was talking about men and not women, because I spend way too much time reading my emails, blogs, and the newspaper, and very little time using my brain. So, I’m not lazy, maybe just a little preoccupied.

After I made all my phone calls, ate my funny-face breakfast, looked at the Sunday paper, and watched several recorded Jeopardy episodes, I actually got some painting done. See, not all lazy!

Breakfast- my breakfast is looking at me.

My kitchen table has been covered with glass vases, paints and brushes all week. Needless to say, nothing got painted. So, today was the big day. I actually started late last night, but finished the majority of the painting today, two coats. Then, I got interrupted letting the dogs in and out and in at least 50 times. What do you think?


Of course, there’s always time to do a little baking. Not my famous brownies or peach upside-down cake. Nope! I have to bake the glassware after painting. My second favorite kinda baking.

Look what’s cookin’!

Yep, another sittin’ around Sunday!