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Thursday:) This is my Gift

25 Feb

“Find out your talents and gifting and invest your whole time into perfecting them and becoming the best of yourself.”
― Sunday Adelaja


We’ve been hit with a severe winter storm here in North Texas. So far, it hasn’t been too bad, just sleet, icy streets, and frigid temperatures. Nothing like last year’s disaster.

I didn’t get my sorry butt out of bed till after noon today. It was too warm and cozy under the covers. But, I was determined to do something productive today. So, I went up to my “Crap Room,” really my studio, to do some painting. Empty Bowls Charity Event is coming up, and I have a couple of bowls I want to paint and donate. I always like to paint one of my signature yellow roses. The other one is quite unusual, and will have to wait for inspiration another day.

One large clear glass bowl, like an empty canvas.
A few hours later.

I also have another tradition. While the iron is hot… so to speak, while I have glass paint and brushes at the ready, I usually paint a few other pieces.

A tall vase. This will look awesome with a dozen yellow roses.
I love this angular shaped vase. Very different, very fun.

Tomorrow, Helene and I will go to Towne Creek and have the seniors paint some smaller bowls. That is, if the weather allows the trip. Fingers crossed. They enjoy painting and donating their bowls for the charity event. Stay tuned…

I love sharing my talents, and I love painting my yellow roses.