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Sunday Sermon and Other Stuff

10 Apr

“The future is certain. It is just not known.” ― Johnny Rich


It was a lazy Sunday morning. Poor Mom really wasn’t sure if she wanted to go down for Mass at 10:30. She’s still recovering from a recent fall, and hasn’t been down in six weeks or so. Volunteers from St. Thomas More Parish come every Sunday to officiate the service in the community room. Mom was concerned that her back might start hurting and she wouldn’t want to walk out. I gave her a Tylenol, and said, “It’s Palm Sunday. We can’t miss Palm Sunday.” 

Here’s Mom saying, “No, not another selfie!!!”

We went downstairs and when Mom entered the room, about twenty-five people applauded and welcomed her back.

Mom was glad to be back in her old routine. She always does the Second Reading, and today was no different.

The Gospel today was a long story about Jesus being betrayed by Judas, denied by Peter and turned on by his followers. He was sentenced to crucifixion even when the crowd had the choice of releasing Him or the criminal Barabbas. They chose to release the criminal. Jesus, “suffered, died and was buried.” The story continues…

My take on the Gospel…this story is filled with betrayal, lying, suicide, anguish, suffering, and death. Jesus knew this was his destiny and He chose to die for us and our salvation. After so much pain and suffering, He did not go back on His word or promise to His Father.

If we could all be just the tiniest bit as sincere, honest, and brave as this. It’s difficult to keep going after betrayal and cruelty and lying and evil. If faith can help you through your trials, reach into your heart. If friends and family can help you through your pain, reach for their hand. Some things cannot be changed, it’s how YOU choose to live and accept your lot in life is what determines your future. CHOOSE WISELY.

Happy Sunday, my friend.

Sunday Sermon:) Palm Sunday in the Palm of Your Hand

21 Mar

In a world where news of inhumanity bombards our sensibilities, where grasping for things goes so far beyond our needs, where time is squandered in busyness, it is a pleasure and a privilege to pause for a look at handiwork, to see beauty amidst utility, and to know that craft traditions begun so long ago serve us today.” 

― John Wilson


Today is Palm Sunday. It was very crowded at 9 o’clock Mass. Everyone was asked to come out to the vestibule to receive blessed palms, sing, and process back into church. 

The Gospel was from Luke 22 :14-23-56. This was a long Gospel covering the Last Supper, Judas’ betrayal, Peter denying Jesus three times, the sentencing of Jesus, crucifixion and death. My take on it…this one Gospel chapter is a compact culmination of the entire brief life of Jesus here on earth. A reflection on the brevity of life.

During Palm Sunday Mass, palms are distributed to parishioners who carry them in a ritual procession into church. The palms are blessed and many people will fashion them into small crosses or other items of personal devotion. These may be returned to the church, or kept for the year.
Because the palms are blessed, they may not be discarded as trash. Instead, they are appropriately gathered at the church and incinerated to create the ashes that will be used in the follow year’s Ash Wednesday observance.The colors of the Mass on Palm Sunday are red and white, symbolizing the redemption in blood that Christ paid for the world.


Last year, I found a video on how to make a cross with my palms. It’s actually pretty easy. A way to make something with your own hands, and remember this day all year long. ” Beauty amidst utility.”


Palm Sunday and Another Sunny Day

30 Mar

Life is a precious gift, but we realize this only when we give it to others.

~Pope Francis

************ (Did you know the Pontiff has a Twitter page??)

Even though it was a lovely sunny Sunday, it was also a little sad. I took Mom and my sister, Jo, to the airport this morning for their flight back home. We had a very nice visit, but two weeks went pretty fast.

I was able to get back home in time to get to church for 9 o’clock Mass. Being Palm Sunday, we all gathered in the vestibule for the blessing of the palms and to process back inside, singing and commemorating Jesus’ entry into Jerusulem.



After Mass, off to the square for a yummy breakfast at Snug, sitting outside, bumping into friends, people watching, and enjoying the warmth of the day.


(Look at this empty chair. Very inviting. Come join me sometime.)

Then, I visited with my friends over at sweet Spot Bakery. Kaylyn asked me, “Why is there grass popping out of your purse, Miss Toni?” Her dad, Josh explained it was Palm Sunday. We chatted while I sipped iced tea and played Chopsticks on the piano with Kaylyn.


Does look kinda weird, doesn’t it? Stole this next picture from Mr. Josh’s Facebook page. I didn’t even notice him taking a picture. Too busy plunking at the piano.


Another sunny Sunday. I came home and went for a long glorious walk. I always appreciate the sun on my face, the breeze in my hair, and the beauty that surrounds my every step. I am blessed. HAPPY SUNDAY!