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Theme Song Thursday:) The Party’s  Over 

24 Aug

It’s easy to impress me. I don’t need a fancy party to be happy. Just good friends, good food, and good laughs. I’m happy. I’m satisfied. I’m content. 

~Maria Sharapova


The party’s over, 

It’s time to call it a day

There’s still three cases of beer

Cupcakes up to here

That I must give away.

It was a great night,

With so many friends

We drank plenty of wine

Had a wonderful time

But, that’s not where it ends.

Off to the firehouse

To share some cupcakes and more

Then to karaoke I’ll go

Where I always know

They’ll smile when I walk in the door.

So, the party’s not over

I’ll never call I a day

I’ve still got plenty of zing

And I’m gonna sing

Till they cart me away!

These are just the left overs. I know…I know, I over bake. But, it was intentional. I like to share with my fire stations, neighbors and friends. You know the old saying, “Measure twice, cut once?” My motto is, “Bake big and share with many.”

Now, off I go to spread joy and sugar and calories to the world.

Theme SongThursday:)The Party’s Over 

25 Aug

I always think the opening moments of a party are the hardest, before everyone has had enough to drink.” 

― Stephanie Clifford


“I always think the closing moments of a party are the hardest, when everyone has gone and there’s still more food and wine. Come on back tomorrow!”

~ Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


After my wonderful open house warming two year celebration on Tuesday, I’m still cleaning up the aftermath. More cupcakes and brownies needed to be dispersed, and wine glasses washed and party things put away. That’s always the sad part. Makes me want to have another party so I don’t have to figure out what to do with everything.

Today, I shared the rest of the food and sweets, hand washed all my fancy hand painted wine glasses and finished putting things away. I was too tired and lazy to do it yesterday. I’m old, I took a nap. This was the sad part of party after glow, cleaning up today.

More Monday Madness

11 Jun

It’s Monday in McKinney. I got home late last night. Chicago was fun, but it’s always great to be home and sleeping in your own bed. So, now back to my old routine, and “back in the saddle again.” That’s just a figure of speech. Last time I rode a horse was many years ago and I thought I was going to die.


My crazy, wild and whacky life is what keeps me going, what keeps me happy. I got up early to make brownies for our end of the season tennis party. Yes, I saw another funny face in the brownie mix. This time, there were a few small tomatoes on the counter. Of course, I needed a nose. Maybe a clown face? The red bowl inspired a hat, and the rest is photographic history. When you make brownies, you have to crack a couple eggs and a couple jokes.


The tennis party was fun. All the gals brought something wonderful to eat, and the day was glorious out on the patio. Thanks, Robin, for your gracious hospitality. I am so blessed to have the greatest friends. Such a lovely talented and tenacious tennis team. (Alliteration fetish.)

Life is good…ahhhh…back in the saddle!

The depressing thing about tennis is that no matter how good I get, I’ll never be as good as a wall.
Mitch Hedberg