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Photo Frenzy Friday

11 May

(Look what I found hiding in my FAILED section of WordPress.)

I took a lot of pictures today. Just one of those days. Walgreens had a coupon for a free 8×10 collage print online, (COLLAGE4YOU was the code good till Saturday May 11)) and I always get the freebies, order them from my computer, and pick them up in an hour. I also wait until they have a special for prints. So, on my way to Walgreens to pick up my free collage of my artist friends and 50 prints at 1/2 off, I spotted some geese at the end of our street. Of course, I had to stop and take some pictures. Then the cute neighbor dog was barking at the geese…more pictures. When I got to Walgreens, this big ol’ black bird was cackling at me…photo. In the evening, my dogs were playing in the yard in front of my rose bushes. (I’m dangerous with the handy iPhone camera) Lots of critters in my path today. Here ya go!





Now, wasn’t that a fun day?


9 Apr

Tuesday morning always starts with an 8:30 Zumba class at the YMCA. The quick Latin beat and fun dancing moves really jump starts my day. After class, my friend Karen and I stopped at McDonald’s for a cold drink and some stimulating conversation, otherwise known as girl talk. A couple hours zipped by.

We said our farewells and drove off to our respective chores and errands. I stopped at Walgreens to pick up 25 photos of my dogs that I had printed for free with an online coupon. Then, I went home to take care of my doggies who aren’t very pleased to be left home alone for more than five minutes. Weimaraner dogs are VERY needy. The pup barked at me the entire time I was in the shower. He even tried to hop in a couple times. That was in between chewing up an oven mitt, going through the garbage, stealing two socks out of the laundry basket, and grabbing my towel off the counter. Yikes!

(Side note) Yesterday, on my way home from tennis, a very nice motorcycle police officer zoom-zoomed and pulled up next to me to inform me that my left rear brake light was out. Fortunately he didn’t write me up for disturbing the peace or unruly conduct, as I was driving with my window rolled down, radio blasting, belting out some show tune or other. I think it was, ” I Feel Pretty ” from West Side Story. Oops! So, when I got home, I called Christian Brothers Automotive to make an appointment for today to replace the light, but also get an overdue oil change. (Was suppose to do that in January. Oops again!

The auto place found a couple other things that needed fixing, of course. I hadn’t eaten lunch, so here I am, sitting at McDonald’s ( for the second time today) with my trusty MciPad, a large McTea, a Grilled Chicken McWrap, and a LOT of McTime on my hands.


Perfect timing. They just called. My car is ready. Now I just click publish. Done with my post for today.

Sharing and Singing Saturday

6 Apr

Photo by Seth Johnson at sethsnap.wordpress.com. Always great photos. Check out his site. I love sharing his photos with a quick inspired poem.

Weathered shingles, slanted roof
Resisting time with ageless proof
A sky of blue in endless space
Where trees surround a secret place.
Toni Andrukaitis

A very fun and busy Saturday on the Square again. Yes, I talked to some more strangers and made new friends. Mandy and I went and sat outside of Snug on the Square for a quick drink, (tea…not alcohol),catch a few rays, and people watch after our writing group. While I was eavesdropping, one lady was discussing her latest book with her friend, so of course, I had to ask, “Are you a writer?” Well, about 30 minutes later, we exchanged cards and our life histories. I related how I met and wrote a little story about Tommy, the wandering troubadour, who was singing and playing guitar on the bench right in front of us. They said they liked to sing. So, we all three went over and sang with Tommy.


After they left, I stopped inside to refill my iced tea when a young lady said, ” Hey, are you from Illinois?” I had my pink Illinois t-shirt on. I grabbed a chair and sat and talked to two more strangers. But now, Kristina, who lived in Illinois a dozen years ago and her friend Sandy, spent another half hour sharing stories with me. We exchanged cards. (Hope you’re reading this, ladies.) Luckily, I carry a lot of business cards.



Just when I thought it couldn’t get better than my fun Friday with friends, I experienced a super Saturday of sharing and meeting new people. Woo hoo!

Today: Inspiration

3 Jan

Today, I was inspired by my friend Liz. She sent me a link to a writer, Cathy C. Hall, that she follows. Cathy’s message was, that as writers, we need to write every day. But also, we need to encourage other writers. Well, consider me encouraged. My young friend, Jacque, in New York, inspires me with her daily photos. My sister JoAnn and my mom encourage me with words of praise. All my friends all laugh at my stories and comment on their commiseration. My friend, Stan Crader, is always an inspiration with his third published book on my night stand. The class I took with author Patricia Burroughs was an accelerant, if that’s a word? She also stresses reading every day. So, that is what I plan on doing.

The book I am reading today is very inspirational. It will not help me in my writing endeavors, but certainly will be helpful in my daily struggles.