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Friday:) Friends and May Picnic With Miss Pat and the Gang and My Firemen

6 May

“It’s funny how when you grow old together with old friends, no one seems to notice that we’re getting old.” 🤦‍♀️

~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


We had such a perfect day for a picnic over by Miss Pat’s place. There are about eight friends that live in the apartment complex, and they host a spring picnic every year, and every year the weather is perfect. We also celebrate May birthdays. A few of our regulars couldn’t make it today, but we still had a nice crowd.

Fun! A few of us remembered to wear our matching “Friends” t-shirts.
It was a potluck and there was SO MUCH wonderful food.
We celebrated May birthdays for Will, Harriet, Doug and Patricia. There were only four huge cakes and dessert trays. Enough to feed an army.
Of course, I had to stop and share some of my famous lemon cupcakes with my friends over at Station 9. No one answered the phone in the hall, so I just went through the open bay doors where the team was out back doing drills. Chief Floyd was back there, so I said “Hi,” and told him that I left some cupcakes on the table inside. I think they should give Miss Toni a key for when they aren’t around. Don’t you think so?

Happy Friday, my friends. I hope you have a great start to a great weekend.

Sunday Sermon and St. Gabriel’s Church Picnic

2 Oct

“A picnic is more than eating a meal, it is a pleasurable sate of mind.” ― DeeDee Stovel


Sunday morning, a beautiful day for the annual church picnic. Everyone was in a festive mood, dropping off their cakes for the cake walk before Mass.

Today’s Gospel was a familiar one. A man had two sons who he asked to work in the vineyard. The first refused, but later changed his mind and went. The second son said, “Yes sir,” but did not go. Jesus asked, which one did his father’s will.

My take on it… sometimes it takes a while to realize right from wrong, or obeying the rules, or even honoring your parents, but it’s never too late to do the right thing. Some people say, “Yes sir,” but only pretend to be honorable. It’s never too late to honor God, make amends for your sins, and go on to lead a good life. 


Now, off to the picnic. I arrived early to greet at the door for the Welcoming Ministry. Father Don was there to check how everything was going. They were still setting up the bounce houses, inflatable slides, and games out back behind the gymnasium. Father decided that he needed to give the slide a test run before the children arrived.


Everyone had a great time. The different ministries had tables set up inside the gym, to invite people to get involved in the church activities. 

There was soooo much delicious food. The Knights of Columbus grilled hot dogs and hamburgers, and provided drinks and all the other necessities. 

Our own fine men in blue, always serving and helping.

The children had fun with the games and activities. There was a cake walk, and children were surprised with a yummy sweet treat. Oh, which reminds me, I brought home a slice of cheesecake for later tonight. I like my dessert a few hours after my meal. 

A good time was had by all.