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Thankful Thursday:) My New Puppy~RAMBO

1 Apr

. “Dogs laugh, but they laugh with their tails.”

~Max Eastman


Yesterday, my neighbor Kathy wanted to go over to the SPCA of McKinney over on Stacey Rd. She asked if I’d ride along with her because she was planning on getting a new kitty. She had seen several that she liked on the website. She had two cats, but one got sick a few weeks back and he went to kitty heaven. Poor Mo was missing his buddy Stan, so she wanted to get him a companion.

We drove over there and all the dogs were yelping and barking and wagging their tails. And, the cats were doing their elusive, “Yah, what are you looking at, Lady.” She found the tabby kitty that she was looking for and was elated. In the meantime, I was admiring the cute tiny puppies and the larger older dogs, with absolutely NO intention of bringing one home.

All of a sudden, this gorgeous white dog barked at me, then bowed down at the edge of his cage and whined a long sad song. I bent down to say hello, and he rolled over on his back as if to say, “Pet me, love me, take me home.” I thought to myself..”Absolutely NOT!” I like my freedom too much.

I’ve been lucky these past five or six years to doggie sit for Mr. Mike and kitty sit for Kathy or Diane. So, I really didn’t miss having a dog. We used to have dogs. When I was married, HE…the EX…A.H, would just bring home a dog or find a dog at a breeder’s website and just bring him home without ever consulting me. That’s why I always called them his dogs. I never had a say in it. I just had to feed them, walk them, and take care of them.

When this adorable dog picked me out, I thought, why not. I get to pick and choose this time. I’ll have a say in this decision. Mr. Mike has moved away, so I don’t get to watch Bella anymore. When I inquired why this adorable calm dog was there at the shelter, the volunteer said, “Mr. Rambunctious” is a handful. He has too much energy and can’t sit still. He’s come back three times when the owners said they couldn’t handle him. This adorable dog was just lying there quietly, submissively, and asking to go home with me with those big brown eyes.

So, Kathy got her kitty and I brought home RAMBO, short for Rambunctious.

Puppy kisses.
Hopefully I got you! HAPPY APRIL FOOL’S DAY!!!!

This is really my neighbor’s dog, Maisey. But, she does love me and I’m still pretty happy that I don’t have a dog to take care of, not even this beautiful well behaved pup.

Tuesday Tips and Tricks: Peanut Butter Anyone?

19 Jun

A puppy is but a dog, plus high spirits, and minus common sense.
Agnes Repplier

Nothing calms a fussy child like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, but what do you do with a wild and crazy puppy? Why, grab a jar of peanut butter. The pet stores sell these large rubber dog toys called “Kongs” that are hollow in the middle with a small opening to put treats, cheese or peanut butter inside. The dog then spends endless hours licking the inside and playing with the toy…NOT!

Old Prince was happy to play with his Kong for about five minutes, but Buck lasted less than five seconds. After adding peanut butter to each toy three times, the jar was just about empty. “Light bulb moment!” I gave Buck, the persnickety puppy, the entire peanut butter jar. (It was almost empty, but still had some left on the sides and bottom.) I took him outside where he could make a mess and bounce around. This new amusement entertained him for at least twenty minutes. Eureka! Now, I need to buy four hundred jars of peanut butter.


Wednesday Words of Wisdom

9 May

I have just three things to teach: simplicity, patience, compassion. These three are your greatest treasures.
Lao Tzu

Oh, if it were that easy! I think I can handle the simplicity thing, and I think I’m pretty compassionate, but lately, my patience has been over-taxed. Is there a special class for puppy patience? Buck is officially one year old, but still a crazy mischievous puppy. He has to be watched every second of every day. He’s outside right now chasing those bugs that bounce up against the windows after dark. Well, he doesn’t just chase them, he eats them. At least it keeps him busy for a few minutes.

Last week when he was out chasing bugs, he must have gotten up-close and personal with a snake because an hour later his paw was all swollen and it slowly worked up his leg. Long and short, he’s still alive and kicking. He was actually quiet, still, and whining for one whole evening. Lord forgive me, but I enjoyed the short night of peace? The vet gave us some pain killers and antibiotics, which had him back to his crazy self in 24 hours. Darn!

Today was the last straw! I heard some scraping noise. I thought he was just chasing bugs and bumping into furniture. But noooo! He had climbed up on the patio table and dragged down the flower planter. He was having a great time digging through the flowers and eating dirt. It took all my patience to refrain from “canineicide.” I made that up…it means not killing your canine.

So, where is old Lao Tzu when I need him?




24 Jan

Today was a sultry summer-like day with sunshine and temps in the 70s. The thing is, it’s the middle of January. What’s going on! I know it’s Texas, but this is unseasonably awesome! After sitting in the house most of the day, doing mundane chores, washing clothes, cleaning the kitchen, etc., I was feeling guilty that I hadn’t even poked my head outside, except to take out the garbage cans.

For the past couple years, my daily routine used to include walking the dog for about an hour. Rain or shine, we were out there. But, ever since we got the puppy, life has been too hectic. Poor old Prince looks at me with longing every afternoon. Whenever I put on my tennis shoes, he whimpers with anticipation, but little Buck is a nut case, and there’s no way I can take them both for a walk. Prince and I have both put on a few pounds since the little guy has come to live with us.

Did I say little guy? The nine month old pup is now bigger and taller than his older counterpart, and that’s pretty big. By 4 pm, the sunshine was beckoning me, and I couldn’t stand it any more. I decided to take the pup out for his first ever walk on a leash. The tricky part was sneaking out the backyard gate while Prince was napping in the house.

Buck enjoyed the leash. He enjoyed chewing on the leash, grabbing at it, and trying to pull it out of my hand. He had never been in the front yard before, so every bush and shrub was enticing. Everything was new and exciting. I decided that we would only practice walking past a few houses on the block. We were doing great until all the neighborhood dogs decided to greet us from their backyard fences. Buck jumped a mile, returning his most ferocious bark.

Poor old Prince heard his little protege barking from inside the house. Now, he was inside barking like crazy, and Buck was outside barking his brains out. That was the end of “out with the new dog and in with the old dog.”


Monday and Mayhem

7 Jan

Monday and mayhem always follows a lazy Sunday. I don’t know why, but it does. All the procrastination of just one lazy day, rolls into an upheaval of piled up chores, bills to pay, errands to run, and people to see. The coup de grâce, (pardon my French), is always “waking up to Folgers in your cup,” and a living room strewn with shredded puppy toys and miles of cotton as far as the eye can see. Yes, we have a puppy. Not your average, cute as a button puppy, but a humongous, big as a pony puppy.

Today was just another waking nightmare, one of many, with no end in sight. Now that the pup is able to stand on his hind legs and leisurely place his front paws on the kitchen counter, island or table, he has decided that it is his God-given duty to grab anything that isn’t nailed down, or chew on anything that is. This morning he helped himself to entire bag of dog treats, a green highlighter pen, a dish cloth and the Wall Street Journal. Not a bad days work…more like thirty seconds! He’s “Thunderbolt and lightning. Very, very frightening me! Gallileo, Gallileo.” You know the rest, and the song will be in your head for the rest of the day.

My friends and family enjoy the stories, photos and videos. They smile and empathize, but I know in their hearts that they think I’m just plain ol’ crazy. Why am I taking pictures and writing about the mayhem? Well, it’s the only thing that keeps me hanging on. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and man…I’m getting pretty strong. When I am asked, “So, how long does this terrible stage last?” I reply, “Just two or three years!” The sad part is, that’s the truth.

Thank goodness for nap time. His, not mine. I don’t get a nap.That’s the only time I can get any writing done. Oops! Nap time over. Back to very, very frightening me!