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Wednesday:)What’s Cookin’ Miss Toni?

25 Nov

“Laughter is the loudest where the food is good.”

~Irish Proverb


You know me, I love to play with my food, make funny faces, and be creative. I saw an idea about a cheese ball made into the shape of a turkey, so I decided to perfect my own creation.

2 packages of softened cream cheese, mix in some dried cranberries, chopped walnuts and almonds (that’s what I had), and extra nuts for rolling the cheeseball. Then, have fun decorating.

I know, I know! Goofy looking, but fun, and yummy! Gobble gobble! 🦃

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, my friends!

Wednesday:) What’s Cookin’ Miss Toni.

31 Dec

“In the South, people traditionally have black eyed peas on New Year’s Eve to bring good luck. I made a huge pot of it this year. We can use all the luck we can get.”

~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve, so I made a huge pot of my black eyed pea/bean/salsa dip for the occasion. I’ll share with some friends and neighbors, but this stuff is really good. I’ll enjoy it for days.

If you want to know my secret no-chop, no work, easy recipe, here it is…. open up a lot of cans and jars and dump them all in a big pot.

Actually, I did pan roast the corn with oil a little before popping in all the other cans and jars, added apple cider vinegar and S-P-and garlic powder. Voila!
Here’s a little history…

Do you know why it’s good luck to eat black-eyed peas on New Year’s Day? As with most superstitions, there are several answers to the question.

Most Southerners will tell you that this culinary custom dates back to the Civil War. Black-eyed peas were considered animal food. The peas were not deemed worthy of serving to General Sherman’s Union troops. When Union soldiers raided the Confederates’ food supplies, legend says they took everything except the peas and salted pork. The Confederates considered themselves lucky to be left with those meager supplies, and survived the winter. Peas then became symbolic of luck.

Happy Wednesday, my friends.

Wednesday:) What’s Cookin’ Miss Toni? PB&J Cookies

20 Aug

“If you have a good recipe, use it often. If you want a great recipe, tweek it, play with it, be creative, and make it awesome.”

~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


You may have seen my Better than Mrs. Fields Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe last week, where I doctored it up with chopped up Snicker bars, Kraft caramel bits, and sprinkled with kosher salt. Well, if you didn’t… you missed out. It was awesome. A handful of neighbors and friends got to taste a few. Am I right or what?

Well, today I took the peanut butter cookie dough that I made at the same time last week, with the same recipe, minus the chocolate chips, adding peanut butter. I decided to experiment with Peanut Butter and Jelly cookies. You heard me right. PB&J cookies. I also made a few with cut up Reese’s peanut butter cups.

In case you don’t believe me, I made a video. (Wasn’t easy- I had to figure out how to record it.)


The cookies were awesome and would make a perfect after school or virtual-school snack with a glass of milk or virtual milk… just kidding. I drink almond milk.

When you bite the cookie and find the surprise Jelly inside… WOW!

If you missed the basic recipe before creativity set in…

Now, the making of this film was not as simple as it looks. I had to figure out a way to set up my iPad to overlook the kitchen island for the demonstration. I tried propping it up on the garbage can on top of a chair. Nope! It fell down with a thud. iPad safe. Then, I tried a step stool, nope, then the step stool upside down on top of the chair, then turned that around, then used a huge rubber band to suspend it at an angle. Phew! About half an hour later, Voila! I’d like to change the old saying to …”Motherhood is the necessity of inventions.”

I took a picture for next time. Like the song says, “‘Cause I’ll never have that recipe again…”

Well, the cookies were awesome. So now, I’m two for two. Who knows what’s next? After the last batch came out of the oven, I went out for an evening walk to catch the sunset. It was 90°, but a little breeze. Between my morning walk and evening walk, I think I may have burned off that one huge cookie that I was forced to taste test for quality control. Maybe not.

Another great sunset. Life is good and the cookies and sunsets are gooder. (Literary license.)

Sunday Sermon and Other Stuff

16 Oct

“The ornaments of your home are the people who smile upon entering time and time again.” ― Maralee McKee


A cool drizzly morning, but the rain held off, and the sun tried to sneak out behind the clouds hovering over the new church structure.

Today’s Gospel was the parable of the King inviting guests to the wedding feast for his son.

My take on it…when we are given the honor to be chosen guests, as into the kingdom of heaven, we need to be appreciative and honor the host. We are all invited to the feast, if we ignore the invitation, refuse to attend or show disrespect, there will be consequences. There are many others who are happy to be invited and enjoy the feast.


After Mass, a quick stop at Sprouts to get some fruit and vegetables. I got several eggplant. I love eggplant. Here’s how I fixed it for dinner.

The trick is breading properly. I learned a few years back that I was doing it wrong. The same goes for chicken, chops, whatever. First dredge in flour, second into egg wash, last into bread crumbs mixed with a little Parmesan cheese. I was doing the egg wash first all those years..NO…the flour is first and helps the egg wash stick. Clever.

Then, I sprayed parchment paper a little and baked at 375  (I used to pan fry in butter-yummy but not so healthy) Time? Until  I was done talking on the phone with my son. I don’t follow recipies or baking times. 

Very tasty. I think I’ll have a couple more when I’m done posting here. 

Happy Sunday!