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Tuesday Tip of the Day: See if you knew this one.

9 Jul

Tip: Take your cap off! Did you know that many city recycling plants throw out water bottles and do not recycle if the cap is left on? I didn’t know that, did you? A teacher friend of mine took her students on a field trip and they were told that. Yikes! If you think about it, it takes less time not to put it back on when your done. But better yet, use more of those safe environmentally friendly travel bottles and save the planet.


Often these caps end up as litter or trash, ending up in landfills and beaches or migrating into our rivers and oceans. Birds and other marine creatures mistake them for food with tragic results. The magnitude of this pollution problem is devastating to our oceans and wildlife.

What most people don’t realize is if you recycle your plastic bottles and don’t remove the caps most places will not recycle the bottle. Reason is because it would take too long and too many employees to sit there all day unscrewing the caps form the bottles. So it gets tossed in the garbage pile. All along you thought you were recycling. REMOVE YOUR CAPS!!!

You can be part of the solution by joining Recycle Caps with Aveda.