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Friday: Frenzy Before the Wedding

11 Jul

Just as you can’t rehearse your way to success, you can’t design your way there either.Dale Ludwig and Greg Owen-Boger


Almost midnight…have to get this in under the wire, or at least my deadline. 

Started out my morning with a walk/ run, last chance for a couple of days. Then, get ready, pack up and go to the hotel for Joe and Lindsay ‘s rehearsal and dinner. Tomorrow is the big day. My son is getting married to an adorable girl, and I am so happy for them. 

My sister, Jo , has been driving me all over town for over a month. Today, she put in a zillion miles, taking me shopping and to the hotel. Thanks Jo!

The guys. 

The girls. 

The Moms. 

The guys with Joe up in the air doing push ups, in Notre Dame jerseys per tradition. 

The end. 11:59