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Theme Song Thursday:) On The Road Again

27 Sep

“Sometimes the most scenic roads in life are the detours you didn’t mean to take.”

― Angela N. Blount


My dear friend Sherri called me early this morning asking if I wanted to go on an adventure. We always have such fun, and she always has wonderful adventures planned.

Our first stop was Preston Trail Farms where we saw the most adorable animals and Fall photo ops.

Then, we were off to Bebo’s Cafe in Pilot Point. There was so much to see, and the food was SO yummy.

I haven’t seen that much rock ‘n roll memorabilia since my trip to Memphis. We even had a photo op with the real live Mr. Bebo.

Thank you, Sherri Murphy, for another adventure… on the road again.

Wednesday Road Trip With Sherri

10 Jul

“Spontaneous last minute, hurry up and put your shoes on road trips with friends are the best.”

~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


This morning at 8:56, I got a text from Sherri Murphy saying, “Good morning. Are you up? Want to play today? Trip to Buc-ee’s and lunch somewhere?” Well, she knows me pretty well and knows I don’t get up early unless I have Zumba or church or something important. I was just starting to clean the bathroom at 1:30 am. I am a night owl, so I was still in bed at 8:56.

I texted her back that I could be ready in an hour. I just needed to wake up, get dressed, and feed and walk the dog. She’d been talking about taking me on a road trip to Buc-ee’s ever since I said, “What the heck is Buc-ee’s? So, off we went.

I was thinking a long road trip. I didn’t know where we were going and our last road trip was almost a three hour drive in the pouring rain. I was all set to pack a lunch and take emergency water, but she said it wasn’t too far, just up in Melissa. ??? We were there in ten minutes.

My first trip to a Buc-ee’s. I guess it’s a combination rest stop, truck stop, diner, gift shop, souvenir city, and massive retail store with a strange beaver in a red hat for a mascot.

when you first walk in the door, you are greeted with a friendly “welcome to Buc-ees,” so I threw open my arms and shouted, “It’s my first time.” A few strange looks, but that’s ok. I had trouble decided amongst the hundreds of t-shirts on display. I decided on this one. (Just in case anyone wonders where I live.)

Then I was mesmerized by all the colorful souvenirs, gifts, novelties, etc.

Oh, and food, sandwiches, tacos, and drinks as far as the eye could see. Fudge!! Dozens of flavors of homemade fudge. Be still my heart.

We had a great time just walking up and down the aisles, soaking in all the colors and acting silly.

I found a beautiful cross with the perfect quote for my cross collection.

After a couple of hours of Buc-ee’s sensory overload, we were ready to check out. The man behind me was showing his wife a silly shirt with Bob Ross (the artist) all over it. I commented that it was cute and asked if he was an artist. He said, as a matter of fact, he was a painter. We chatted a few seconds and he said they lived in McKinney. I told him that he should stop in at McKinney Creative Community on the second Monday of the month at the Cove. He said he actually went once, a while back. I gave him one of my card ps and said to look me up on Facebook. Of course, I had to take a selfie.

I didn’t get their names, but I got a picture. Anyone know who he is? He’s an artist. From his t-shirt, I don’t think he knew either, or he wasn’t telling, and he wants us to “GUESS?”

Fun adventure and road trip with Sherri Murphy to Buc-ee’s. Then, off to Taqueria Hernandez off the square for lunch. Yum! Gorditas and tacos.

Have a WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY my friends!