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Sunday Sermon and Some More Santa Fe Sights

23 May

The more sects we have the better. They are all getting somebody in (to the Church) that the others could not: and even with the numerous divisions we are all doing tolerably well.~Abraham Lincoln


Today is The Somemnity of the Most Holy Trinity. I forgot if Mom said she was born on or baptized on Trinity Sunday, but that is why she was named Trinidad. We went to Mass at the Cathedral Badilica of St. Francis on Santa Fe. The Arch Bishop officiated the 10 am service. 

No, I didn’t get a chance to greet at the door.(Darn 😒)  But, what a magnificent cathedral. 

The homily was about the Trinity. The Arch Bishop said as a young priest, he struggled to understand the complexities of the Trinity, and feels he will never understand, but it is a symbol of unity of God and of man. My take on it…I don’t get it either. 

It’s always exciting to visit new cities, new churches, and see new sights. 

After Mass we walked across the square to the Presbyterian church to catch their service. On the way, the streets were blocked off for a low-rider street fair and car show. Woa!

The Presbyterian church has an old phenomenal pipe organ. 

At the end of the service, they announced that the famous Santa Fe Women’s Ensemble was performing later in the afternoon. We went to hear that. It was beautiful. 

So, we got in our fair share of share of churches, sermons, services, and singing today. 

A stop at the Native Ametican Museum before dinner. 

Another good day in Santa Fe.