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Friday:) From the Depths of Winter

15 Apr

From the depths of Winter 

To the fresh breath of Spring

New buds burst and blossom

While the sweet robins sing

Dark grey skies send the rain

To the dry earth below 

Then the sun reappears

With a radiant glow

From season to season 

From each Summer to Fall

Just one thing is certain

Who we thank for it all.

(Thank YOU for YOUR blessings.)

~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


It was a beautiful day, blue skies, sun shining, air crisp and clean, as I walked this evening, the clouds started forming puffy and grey. It reminded me how fresh and fickle springtime is. A big fat robin sat in a tree, singing and warbling a sweet song.

These tiny white buds were waiting for the sun on Thursday. It was chilly on my walk yesterday.

The same tree today, with happy blossoms. No hat or jacket for me. What a difference a day makes. Spring…very fickle. When I started my walk, it was lovely.  A half hour later, I had to scurry back inside when it started to rain on me.