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Silly Sentimental and Lazy Sunday

8 Sep

“A little nonsense now and then, is cherished by the wisest men.”
― Roald Dahl, Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator
I am having THE MOST LAZY SUNDAY. Isn’t that wonderful? I had the most fun at Mandy and Kyle’s wedding last night. Lynne and Charlie were so sweet to pick me up, spend the evening and drive me home. Because I’ve vowed never to drink and drive, this allowed me to enjoy a glass of wine to toast the happy couple. We had a great time and were some of the last to leave.

So, this morning when the alarm went off at 7:30, I actually contemplated turning it off, going back to sleep, and missing 9am Mass. Noooo! I needed to go to church and thank God for my blessings, family and dear friends. THEN, I could come back home and take a nap. And I did!!!! Yesssss!!!! I haven’t been able to nap in such a long time. This is a good sign.

I am slowly getting back on my feet, feeling more comfortable in my new house, and trying to get organized. But, for today…I’m going to be lazy and silly. I deserve it.

Getting back to normal, getting back to ME!

Thursday, I made brownies for my old tennis team. (They’re not old. I’m old) That’s been my tradition for home matches for years. I’m just on the sub list for now, but hopefully I’ll get back on the courts soon. Sometimes I’d make a funny face with the brownie mix before mixing, and I hadn’t done that in quite a while, but here is a photo of my first funny face brownie mix in my new house. I watched the match and had lunch with the girls. Fun day. Getting back!


Last night, I danced and laughed and celebrated with friends. Fun with friends.

And for today, I rested, made myself a delicious dinner, ate chocolate-peanut butter ice cream, and sat on the sofa watching endless-mindless TV. LIFE IS GOOOD!



Sentimental Sunday: So Many Friends, So Little Time

2 Jun

It’s a most distressing affliction to have a sentimental heart and a skeptical mind.”
― نجيب محفوظ, Sugar Street

I sure can squeeze a whole lot of something into a single Sunday, always starting with 9 o’clock Mass. Two baby girls were being baptized during Mass with the entire congregation welcoming them. Great way to start the morning.

It was a gorgeous day to spend on the Square. I met my friend Karen, (Zumba Karen) at Snug for breakfast, and got my big bear hug from Daniel. Then, I visited with Kathy and Elizabeth at Sweet Spot Bakery. Oh yes, I had to stop in at the Grand Hotel to visit with my young friend, Oscar. He is such a sweet friend…more hugs.

The day was still young. My friend Della had invited me to have dinner at her house. More friend time, more great food. She had also invited Karen (TOTS Karen) and Lynne (motorcycle Lynne). I have so many friends that they have subtitles. What made this evening so special was, these friends came to dinner to spend time with me, to make me laugh, share their thoughts and show their support. Such special moments and awesome friends.

My friend Della is such an amazing cook. She makes everything look and taste fantastic.
It was after 9pm before I arrived home. Twelve hours of zipping around town with church and friends. Then, both my sons called for our weekly wrap up. I need a few more hours in the day…at least on Sunday. It was a good day, a good sentimental Sunday.