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Friday:Four Legged First Responders Count TOO

18 Apr

Every day, first responders put their own lives on the line to ensure our safety. The least we can do is make sure they have the tools to protect and serve their communities.

~ Joe Lieberman


If you spend any time on the Square in downtown McKinney, you will smile when you see the mounted patrol trotting down the street or stopping to visit with the wide-eyed children. Unfortunately, the city of McKinney is considering the elimination of the mounted patrol and bicycle patrol due to budget cuts. NOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Say it isn’t so!

These officers, whether on their horses or on their bicycles, are a lot more than a visual presence. They patrol and protect the downtown area and historic district. That is part of the reason downtown McKinney is a safe and fun place to shop, dine, and visit.

My friends Kathy and Elizabeth from Sweet Spot Bakery asked me if I’d like to help save the patrols by writing something and creating a Facebook page and enlisting friends for support. Of course! I love to write, I love McKinney, and I admire our first responders. (Both two-legged and four-legged.)

When they say, “The pen is mightier than the sword,” it is absolutely true. Within the first day of creating the Facebook page that I entitled STAMP~ Support The Awesome Mounted Patrol, it reached over 867 people, with dozens of comments of support. Yes!!! That’s just the first day!


If you believe that all our police officers are important, go to our Facebook page and voice your support. Thank you!