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Friday:) From a Frigid Walk to Warm Friendly Folks and Firemen

8 Jan

“To quote my three year old granddaughter, ‘Sharing is caring.’ “

Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


We got zapped with another cold front here in North Texas. The bad news is, it’s not very comfortable walking out there. The good news is, it was another chance to wear my awesome sock monkey hat.

Happy Friday!

Another fun way to keep warm is to bake a bunch of brownies.
Tuesday, when I went to vote at Fire Station 9, I had brought a big bag of snacks for my firemen friends. The folks working the polls were kidding around and said, “Oh, did you bring us lunch?” I told them, “Well, I’ll have to stop by with some brownies one day.” Today was the day.

My friendly firefighterS were all out on a call today, so the kind election officials said they would give them their brownies when they got back.

Firefighter Baas was there Tuesday when I stopped by with my good luck New Year snacks.

Nothin’ says Thank You and Happy New Year in Texas like Dr Pepper, chips, salsa, and my homemade black eyed pea/corn salsa.

Like I said, to quote a wise three year old, “Sharing is caring.”

Happy Friday, my friends. Stay warm.

Wednesday:)What Christmas Is Really About

17 Dec

Christmas is the spirit of giving without a thought of getting. It is happiness because we see joy in people. It is forgetting self and finding time for others. It is discarding the meaningless and stressing the true values.

Thomas S. Monson


My favorite part of Christmas, besides spending time with family, of course, is giving and sharing, and seeing the gleam in the eyes of the recipient. This year, I don’t get to see any family, but I am blessed with friends who have become family over the years.

I’ve spent a few weeks gathering up fun little treasures, snacks, drinks, and crafty things for our senior art friends at Towne Creek Senior Apartments. My friend Krys gave me a whole bunch of hand crocheted scarves for the ladies, and my friend Linda made a bunch of glitzy face masks. Helene shared big bags, ribbons, and other goodies.

I spent about four or five hours sorting, wrapping, boxing and bagging all the treasure. I blasted Christmas songs and sang along as I joyfully worked. Helene came over this afternoon and we wrote out cards, labeled, finished up, and ribboned up the boxes and bags. Then, off to Towne Creek we went, with a quick stop at Holy Family with a special gift donation.

Here’s how I started.

Kelly, the director and a good friend, greeted us at the door. We knocked on a few doors and dropped off our gifts. There is no better feeling than seeing those twinkling eyes under a smiling mask.

Miss Kelly sure makes Towne Creek an enjoyable place to live.
You see those smiles? That’s what Christmas is all about.

Saturday:) Sharing Is Caring

21 Jul

“When we share, we open doors to a new beginning.”

― Paul Bradley Smith


My friend Linda asked me the other day if I’d be able to help her with her Facebook page. I told her that I wasn’t an expert, but I knew how to do a few things. The only reason I know how to do most things on my computer or iPhone or iPad is because someone showed me some tips and tricks and encouraged me to use the trial and error method.

I remember when I got my first iPhone, I was totally clueless. I used it to make calls and then shut it off. It made me nervous. But, I wasn’t afraid to ask for help. When I went to lunch with friends, I’d ask Sherry or Lynne to stay after to give me a few pointers. That was quite a while ago, and now my cell phone is just another appendage. Now, I’m an app totin’, photo shootin’, karaoke croonin’, obnoxious selfie takin’ grandma. Ain’t technology grand?

This morning, Linda and I met at McDonald’s for our first Facebook and photo sharing rendezvous.

I brought my older iPad and she had her newer iPhone. Some things were a little different, but we figured them out. I showed her how to get a photo from her picture albums, enhance, add color, and crop, and then get onto her Facebook profile. It took a while, she took notes, and we practiced. I remember doing the same thing with my mentors. I was just “paying it forward.”

After an intense technology immersion session, we sat and relaxed, talking about children, grandkids, friends, faith and our mutual love of McKinney. When we started our morning, we were just friendly acquaintances. Now, we are girlfriends. You really don’t get that closeness until you sit, one-on-one with someone and share your entire life in a couple of hours of personal conversation. We have so much in common. I wouldn’t have known any of that from our usual big group gatherings.

A little tip… always try to spend some quality one-on-one time with friends. Share your time and talents, and remember to pay it forward.